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Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion refers to the migration of vapors from subsurface contaminant sources to buildings such as a homes or workplaces. API conducts research towards improving the screening process for vapor intrusion at sites where petroleum releases have occurred.


AEHS Soil, Water, Energy and Air Conference
Tuesday, March 24, 2015
San Diego, CA

    Workshop 7 – Assessment of Vapor Intrusion at Petroleum Release Sites
    Todd Ririe, BP, La Palma, CA
    George DeVaull, Shell Global Solutions, Houston, TX
    Robin Davis, Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Salt Lake City, UT
    Blayne Hartman, Hartman Geosciences, Solana Beach, CA

Presentations from the workshop are available in the "Downloads" section below.

BioVapor Indoor Vapor Intrusion Model

BioVapor is a user-friendly spreadsheet implementation of an indoor vapor intrusion model with oxygen-limited biodegradation. The BioVapor model is a steady-state 1-D analytical model intended to provide the user with an improved understanding of the potential effect of vadose zone aerobic biodegradation on the vapor intrusion pathway.  View More


API has produced several publications on developing screening criteria, site assessment and vapor biodegradation.  View More


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