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Program Updates

Below are the most recent updates to the API Monogram and APIQR programs.  Please click on one of the links to read the full update.

If you would like to view all of the current addenda and errata, please click here.

New ANAB Logo for APIQR ISO 9001 and 14001 Accredited Certificates

Updates to API Monogram-APIQR Advisory 7; February 23, 2015

API Spec 20A, 1st Edition, Addendum 2

API Spec 5L, 45th Edition, Errata 1

API Spec 11D1, 3rd Edition

API Spec 16C, 2nd Edition

API Spec 6D, Addendum 1

API Spec 6D, Errata 3

API Spec 5LC, 4th Edition

API Spec 5LD, 4th Edition

API Spec 14A, Twelfth Edition

API Standard 600, Thirteenth Edition

API Spec 6D, Errata 2

API Spec 19G1, Errata December, 2014

API Standard 650, Errata 2

API Spec 6A, Errata 7

API Spec 16F, Addendum 2

API Spec 12B, Sixteenth Edition

API Spec 20E, Errata October 2014

API Spec 6D, Errata 1

API Standard 650, Addendum 1

API Spec 16F, Addendum 1

API Spec 13A, Errata 1

API Spec 6D, 24th Edition

API Spec 20C, Addendum 1

API Spec 8C, Errata May, 2014

API Spec 17J, 4th Edition

API Spec Q1 9th Edition, Errata 2

API Spec 6A, Errata 6

API Spec 16RCD - Withdrawal of Other End Connectors and RCD Clamps

ISO/TS 29001:2010, Withdrawal from APIQR

API Spec 17F, Withdrawal

API Spec 16C, Withdrawal of Union Connections

API Spec 20B, Errata December, 2013.

Withdrawal of API Monogram Guest Host Licenses

API Spec 17D, Errata 4

API Spec 6A, Errata 4

API Spec 7F, Errata 2

API Spec 4F, 4th Edition

API Spec 6A, 3rd Addendum

API Standard 650, 12th Edition

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Transition Plan

API Standard 603, 8th Edition

API Standard 599, 7th Edition

API Spec 5L, 45th Edition

API Spec 6A, 2nd Addendum

API Spec 6D, 3rd Addendum

API Spec 11AX, 2nd Addendum

Withdrawal of API Spec 6H

API Spec 7K, 5th Edition, Marking of Drawworks Assembly Interpretation

Withdrawal of API Spec 8A

API Spec 2C, 7th Edition

Withdrawal of API Spec 11IW

API Spec 8C, 5th Edition

Guest-Host Program Change Announcement

API Spec 17D, 2nd Edition: Valve and Actuator Design Validation Testing Requirements

API Spec 17D, 2nd Edition: Section 5.l.3.5 Interpretation

API Spec 5CT Allowance of 8th Edition 7.656" Coupling OD Size

API Spec 5CT, 9th Edition

API Spec 9A, 26th Edition

API Spec 17D, 2nd Edition

API Specs 19G1 and 19G2, 1st Edition

API Spec 10A, 24th Edition

API Spec 7F, 8th Edition

API Spec 6A, 20th Edition

API Standard 594, 7th Edition

2011 API Monogram Annual Fee Changes

API Spec 7K, 5th Edition

API Spec 17K, 2nd Edition

API Spec 11B, 27th Edition

API Spec 13A, 18th Edition

API Spec 5L, 44th Edition, Addendum 2

API Spec 6A, 19th Edition, Section 10.16 Actuator Interpretation

API Spec 6A, 19th Edition, VR Plug and Plug Preparation Interpretation

API Spec 6A, 19th Edition, Material Requirements Interpretation

API Spec 6DSS, 2nd Edition

API Std 602, 9th Edition

API Std 609, 7th Edition

API Spec 5DP, 1st Edition

API Spec 11D1, 2nd Edition

API Spec 5LD, 3rd Edition

API Std 600, 12th Edition

ISO 9001 Transition Plan

API Std 608, 4th Edition

REVISED: API Spec 5L 43rd Edition and 44th Edition Comparison

API Spec 7K, 4th Edition, Section 9.10 Clarification

Guest-Host Program Announcement

API Spec 16D, 2nd Edition, BOP Control System with Wireless Interface Interpretation

API Spec 6A, 19th Edition, Personnel Qualification Interpretation

Guest-Host Program Changes

API Spec 7K, 4th Edition, Section 9.10 Interpretation

API Spec 11E, 18th Edition

Quality Manual Revisions

Audit Nonconformance Responses

API Spec 12D, 11th Edition

API Spec 12F, 12th Edition

API Spec 12J, 8th Edition

API Spec 12K, 8th Edition

API Spec 12P, 3rd Edition

API Spec 7-2, 1st Edition

API Spec 5L, 44th Edition