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Purchasing Guidelines Handbook Updates

Please see below to find updated Purchasing Guidelines for API Specifications and Standards.

Please note that the following API Publications DO NOT contain purchasing guidelines: Spec 1B, Spec 2F, Spec 5B, Spec 5DP, Spec 7B-Spec 11C, Spec 7F, Spec 7NRV, Spec 10A, Spec 11E, Spec 11IW, Spec 11V1, Spec 13A, Spec 15LT, Spec 16F, Spec 16R, Spec 17F, Spec 17K, RP 19B, Spec 20C, Std 594, Std 599, Std 602, Std 603, Std 608, Std 650, Spec 1581, Spec 1583, and Spec Q1.