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Notice Regarding Non-Licensed Organizations

Changes to the on-line API EOLCS Licensee Directory are updated on a real time basis. Licenses purporting to identify oil marketers not listed in the Directory are not valid.

The following organizations are not licensed by API and not authorized to use/apply the API Certification Marks. Use of the API marks on the label or labels pictured below has not been authorized by API.

Auto Club Oil & Chemicals Corp.,  New York, NY 11237

Auto Club

Bullseye Automotive Products Inc.,  Dolton, IL 60419

Bullseye 5W-30

Bullseye 10W-30

Pinnacle Brands LLC,  180 North Stetson, Chicago, IL 60601

*This engine oil is not affiliated with Pinnacle Oil (API license 0172) or Pinnacle Resources (API license 0462).

Pinnacle Platinum 424