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Perforator Witnessing Program


Manufacturers have been performing perforator tests, reporting results to API and advertising the results in marketing publications for years. This program provides the manufacturers a new venue to advertise test results in a more objective medium.

API RP 19B, Recommended Practices for Evaluation of Well Perforators, introduces test targets that allow for more accurate test results and will make the results easier to reproduce. In conjunction with API RP 19B, API is offers a Perforator Witnessing Program. By participating in this program, perforator manufacturers will be able to provide evidence of test data, which will lend more credibility to the test results. API will provide approved witnesses to perforator system manufacturers and post the design test results on the API web site for easy accessibility.

Application Process

To apply for the program, please fill out the application form under Applications and Forms.

View registered designs test reports here.

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