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Environmentally Friendly Partnerships in Indonesia

Through joint ventures Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) and Amoseas Indonesia, Chevron is a partner in several environmentally friendly projects in Indonesia.

On the island of Java, the Amoseas-operated Darajat geothermal plant, near Bandung, emits about 100,000 tons less carbon per year than a conventional generating plant. It converts geothermal energy from the Kengang volcano into electricity. Future expansions will cut CO2 emissions by a total of more than 200,000 tons a year.

In March 2001, Amoseas began operating a $190 million electric power and steam generating plant for CPI's steam flood; a project to enhance oil recovery; in the huge Duri Field. The 300-megawatt cogeneration plant is the largest of its kind in Indonesia and the only one used in an enhanced oil recovery operation.

This cogeneration is a fuel-economic and environmentally friendly process to produce steam and electric power simultaneously. Heat from the gas exhaust from electricity generation is used to create steam, which aids oil flow when injected into the field.

CPI also switched from crude oil to natural gas for firing the other steam generators in Duri in 1999-2000, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 1 million tons per year as well as cutting pollutants such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides.