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Environmental Partnership Examples

Conservation and Wildlife Habitat (Biodiversity) Protection

Chevron Niugini Ltd.
Chevron Niugini Ltd. (CNGL), with help from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), formed a unique NGO to protect the fragile rainforests of Papua New Guinea for generations to come. – Community Dev. Initiative (CDI).

Barrow Island Environmental Management and Protection
Ongoing Chevron efforts to protect Barrow include: active environmental research; upgraded weed control, and biological monitoring.

“Good Roots” Project
In a first-ever collaboration of industry, government, and academe, Caltex (Philippines) Inc. helped launch the “Good Roots” Project on Earth Day 1991.

Chevron Donates Seismic Data to American Geological Institute
Chevron and the American Geological Institute (AGI) announced a donation from Chevron to AGI of thousands of miles of historic 2D and 3D seismic data covering offshore California and portions of the West Coast of the U.S. 

Protecting Beluga Whales
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Unocal are collaborating on a five-year research and conservation project in Alaska that will lead to better understanding of Cook Inlet beluga whales and help assure their healthy, viable population.

Saving Indonesia’s Orangutans
Unocal is pleased to support the Balikpapan Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS), a non-profit organization that is carrying out a unique conservation project at the Wanariset Station on the island of Borneo.

“Ridge To Reefs” Initiative in Indonesia
The Nature Conservancy and Unocal are collaborating to involve local communities to build awareness and promote conservation and sustainable livelihoods in a “ridges to reefs” initiative in imperiled marine and terrestrial landscapes near Berau in the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan. 

Creating Opportunities, Protecting Species
Unocal Geothermal Indonesia and the Unocal Foundation are involved with local researchers, community groups, and Wildlife Trust to conduct research and education and promote sustainable small enterprises and local farmers and villagers based on the rich biodiversity in the Gunung Salak Nature Reserve in Indonesia.

Collaborating to Create Shared Vision and Develop Plans
Unocal recently became involved with the Coastal Resources Management Plan project in Indonesia-- a collaborative effort among a growing number of community associations, nongovernmental organizations, companies, and government agencies (global and local) to develop a plan for managing the important coastal resources of Balikpapan and surrounding communities along the East Kalimantan coast.

Technology Development and Clean Fuel/Vehicle Partnerships

Cleaner Fuels with Gas-To-Liquids Technology
The Gas-To-Liquids (GTL) process creates clean, high-performance fuels from natural gas for diesel engines. GTL products are expected to set new global standards for premium high-performance, environmentally friendly fuels.

California Fuel Cell Partnership
A voluntary collaboration of eight automakers, four energy companies, a number of state and federal government agencies, and technology providers.

Air Quality Improvement and Climate Change Partnerships

Responding to Concerns about Climate Change
Chevron works proactively with governments and others to create environmentally, technically and economically sound solutions for responsible growth.

Reducing Emissions Worldwide
Chevron is leading several billion-dollar efforts to reduce gas flaring from our operations in Africa.

Environmentally Friendly Partnerships in Indonesia
Through joint ventures Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) and Amoseas Indonesia, ChevronTexaco is a partner in several environmentally friendly projects in Indonesia.

Carbon Capture Projects
Chevron and Texaco were both founding members of a project to capture carbon dioxide from combustion sources and to develop technology that safely sequesters it in geologic formations.

Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
In Louisiana's Tensas National Wildlife Refuge, ChevronTexaco planted 450,000 trees on fallow farmlands.

Environmental Clean-up, Recycling and Restoration Programs

Recycling Greenhouse Gases to Fertilize Farms
The Farmland Fertilizer plant in Kansas will use Chevron proprietary technology to convert 1,300 tons per day of refinery petroleum coke into feedstock for fertilizer production.

Avila Beach: A New Beginning
When Unocal hosted a community picnic in Avila Beach in September 2000, the event celebrated the end of a massive cleanup operation and the beginning of the new Avila Beach. Located on the central coast of California, Avila Beach had been home to a Unocal tank farm and oil transport operation from the early 1900s to the 1980s. A local resident doing some landscaping encountered contamination on his property in 1989, leading to the discovery that Unocal's underground pipes had been leaking petroleum products into the soil, undetected, for years.

Educational Partnership Examples

Educational Materials and General Program Development

Excel by Five: An Early Childhood Development Program
Mississippi First Lady Marsha Barbour joined early childhood development experts and Chevron to launch Excel by Five, a community-based educational program designed to improve a child’s overall well-being by age 5. Originally funded with a $650,000 grant from Chevron, the program is currently in eleven communities including Biloxi, Cleveland, Hattiesburg, Hollandale, Mid-Jackson, Monroe County, Moss Point, Oktibbeha County, Pascagoula, Petal and West Point, MS.

Local Community and Career Development Programs

Computer Literacy Improvement for Riau Students
Indonesia Business Unit. In Indonesia, Chevron-donated equipment and software are helping to enrich computer knowledge among students in Riau, an oil-producing and natural resources-rich province on the island of Sumatra. The Computer Literacy Improvement program calls for donating computer laboratories to local secondary schools and universities. With the support of local government and other third parties, training for computer lab management, operation of hardware and software, and trouble-shooting, also are provided.

New! Chevron Announces California Partnership to Invest in Education and Jobs
Chevron Corporation has announced the creation of the California Partnership, an initiative to invest in education and economic development in its home state. Under the new initiative, Chevron will expand and deepen its partnerships with nonprofits focused on supporting underserved communities, including relationships with 18 new nonprofit partners providing programs for education, entrepreneurs and job training.

Chevron Partners with Tiger Woods Foundation to Enhance Education for Youth
The Tiger Woods Foundation and Chevron said they will join together to enhance and develop programs, activities and events in support of the Foundation.

Chevron Announces Opening of Vocational Training Center in Tsunami-Affected Indonesian Province
Chevron Corporation, the government of Indonesia, the local government of Aceh province, the National Education Department, the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) today announced the completion of a $16 million partnership to construct a polytechnic institute in Aceh province, Indonesia.

Chevron Donates $200,000 to Saint Vincent’s Day Home Family-Literacy Program in West Oakland
To improve literacy among hundreds of Oakland families, Saint Vincent’s Day Home announced that Chevron is contributing $200,000 to its Bridging the Divides project, which provides early childhood education, adult literacy, adult basic education and skills training.

New! Chevron and Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership Receive 2009 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Partnership Award
Chevron and the non-profit Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership (DCGEP) announced today that their collaboration to help educate students around the world has been awarded the 2009 Partnership Award by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center.

Developing Skills for the Future
Unocal and its subsidiaries in the Philippines and Thailand are involved with International Youth Foundation (IYF) and two of its partners – Consuelo Foundation in the Philippines and National Council for Youth Development (NCYD) in Thailand – to promote life skills, academic success and job skills for youth in these countries.

National Coalitions and Programs for Teachers

Science Teachers Program – Empowering Rural Youth Nigeria
The NNPC/CNL Science Teachers Scheme is part of a company-supported effort to halt deteriorating standards of education in secondary schools in Nigeria, particularly in rural areas. The effort targets science, English, and mathematics graduates serving under the government’s mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Environmental (Marine and Wildlife), Health and Safety Education Programs

Environmental Education Projects
Far from being solely a “Third World” issue, Community Engagement has important implications for economically advanced nations, especially future generations. Accordingly, Chevron supports projects in the United Kingdom and Europe that foster greater awareness and understanding, particularly among young people.

Caring for the Kenai
Now in its 14th year, “Caring for the Kenai” is a unique cooperative effort launched by Unocal Alaska involving local schools, industry, government and businesses. The award-winning environmental awareness contest challenges area high school students to become actively involved in improving the Alaskan environment.

Community Partnership Examples

Community Engagement and Health Programs

River Boat Clinic – Health Care Delivery at Their Doorsteps Nigeria
In 2000, CNL Nigeria Limited, along with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the government of Delta State, launched a river boat clinic that takes health care to the doorsteps of CNL’s neighbors.

The Fight Against HIV/AIDS Angola and Nigeria
Chevron and its Block 0 partners – Sonangol, TotalFinaElf, and Agip – joined forces to set up a state-of-the-art blood bank Cabinda province. The bank has improved blood-screening services for hepatitis, HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases.

Safety Management System
At TCO’s Tengiz Field, employees of different nationalities and languages work shoulder-to-shoulder, major construction equipment roams the field for most of the year, and weather conditions rank among the globe’s most extreme. Despite such obstacles, by October 2001, TCO’s staff of 3,200 had posted some 17 million hours – almost three years – without a lost-time incident.

Community Safety Projects, United Kingdom
Protection of human life is the first step in assuring lasting community progress; thus, safety plays an important, if sometimes under-recognized, role in sustainability.

Community Clean-up, Environmental Protection and Volunteer Programs

Restoring Yosemite’s Natural Habitat
As part of a Chevron-sponsored program, thousands of employees have volunteered for over a decade to restore Yosemite National Park's oak woodlands, meadows and lakes.

Habitat for Humanity – A Special Global Partner
Unocal’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity grew from Unocal Alaska’s membership in the Energy Partnership, a group coordinated by Habitat for Humanity-Anchorage that sponsored and built homes in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Unocal’s global partnership involves Habitat affiliates in  Anchorage, Fort Bend, Calgary, Bangkok and Jakarta — areas where Unocal has business operations — to pursue affordable home-building activities and engage hundreds of Unocal employee volunteers in poverty alleviation.

Community Infrastructure, Development and Relief Programs

Meranti Pandak (Model Village) Indonesia Business Unit
A foundation formed by PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) employees provided loans to fund the work. By 2002, after little more than three years, 25 houses had been renovated, each with clean water and electricity. Other developments were carried out, such as building a small mosque and youth recreation facilities. Flood control also was improved; Meranti Pandak has not flooded since.

CPI Funds Master Plan for Indonesia’s Riau Province Indonesia Business Unit
Evidencing Chevron's deepening commitment to sustainable development, PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) completed a 20-year blueprint for the future growth of Riau Province in 2003.

Remote Communities Electrification, Nigeria
Chevron is addressing energy poverty in the remotest sections of the Niger Delta, where many communities lack commercial electricity.

Western Niger Delta Development Program (WNDP) Enhancing the Quality of Life, Nigeria
CNL Nigeria Limited (CNL) is implementing the Western Niger Delta Development Program (WNDP) as part of its efforts to improve the quality of life in host communities.

Start-Ups in Kazakhstan
Through partnerships, Chevron helps transfer western entrepreneurial knowledge to hundreds of local businesses. Joining with the United Nations, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the U.S. Government, the company created the Small and Medium Business Enterprise (SME) program in Atyrau.

Technical Skills Acquisition Project
Chevron/Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. (NNPC) Joint Venture, in partnership with the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (IFESH) and the Nigerian Opportunities Industrialization Centres (NOIC) – both initiated by the late Rev. Leon Sullivan – created the Technical Skills Acquisition Project in Warri, Delta State.

Small Business to Big: A Bakery Grows in Angola
Marietta Tavares Alvarenga started her business, Pastelaria Rosy, in 1975, just days after Angola celebrated its national independence. But, like any ambitious small-business owner, Marietta wanted to expand her operations. Chevron’s Angola subsidiary, Cabinda Gulf Oil Co. Ltd., gave Marietta and other local entrepreneurs six weeks of business training in management, accounting, and marketing. Marietta was sent to a conference for African entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company signed a two-year, $200,000 catering contract with Pastelaria Rosy that helped Marietta renovate her bakery and expand to two other locations for restaurant and catering services.

Sustainable Small Farms Angola
Launched in 2001 with Cabinda’s Provisional Director of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Environment – residents of 10 rural Cabinda villages are taught how to prepare land, and plant and harvest crops.

Caltex in the Community, Singapore
ChevronTexaco Asia/Middle East/Africa (AMEA) Products Operating Company and the Caltex brand make sustainable contributions to Singapore through charitable giving, providing services and sponsoring events that underscore the ChevronTexaco vision “to be the global energy company most admired for its people, partnership, and performance.”

Local Content Development, Nigeria
In 1999, Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) established the Local Business Development/Global Procurement Unit to help implement a local Content Development (LCD) policy. The overall aim of the policy – and the creation of the unit – is to promote indigenous businesses, and to facilitate CNL’s purchase of local goods and services.

Good Will in Southeast Asia Helps
Because of company donations to the School Pocket Money Fund in Singapore, about 1,250 children from low-income families can pay for school expenses such as food, books and transportation. Our company was the first corporation to support this fund through a donation of $30,000. Administered by the National Council of Social Service, the fund is distributed to 25 family service centers that provide financial and emotional support to those in need.

Committed to Latin America
Through grants to the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). The company's grants assist the most disadvantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean. PADF enables people to help themselves by providing disaster assistance, raising family incomes, improving technical training and health services, and strengthening democratic and social institutions.

Chevron Partners with Harvard University on Major Corporate Responsibility
Chevron announced it is contributing $500,000 as a founding sponsor to a major initiative led by Harvard's Kennedy School of Government to enhance corporate responsibility effectiveness in addressing some of the world's most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues.

New! Chevron and USAID Pledge New Support for Better Outcomes in Angola
Chevron Corporation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Cooperative League of the United States of America (CLUSA) today announced the basis for a new partnership aimed at supporting Angola’s continued focus on developing a diversified and sustainable economy.

New! Chevron Announces California Partnership to Invest in Education and Jobs
Chevron Corporation has announced the creation of the California Partnership, an initiative to invest in education and economic development in its home state. Under the new initiative, Chevron will expand and deepen its partnerships with nonprofits focused on supporting underserved communities, including relationships with 18 new nonprofit partners providing programs for education, entrepreneurs and job training.

Human Rights, Diversity, Minority Business and Youth Support Programs

Angola Partnership Initiative Launched
Chevron Corp., the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in cooperation with the Government of Angola, announced the signing of memoranda of understanding (MOU) for the formation of two public-private partnerships as part of a $50 million overall initiative to support education, training, and small business development in Angola. The MOU's provide the framework for the partnerships that have the common goal of promoting sustainable economic and social growth in Angola.

Support for Universal Human Rights
Chevron, has had a long-standing relationship with the late Rev. Leon H. Sullivan and his many organizations, including the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help. Rev. Sullivan authored The Sullivan Principles, which later expanded to become The Global Sullivan Principles.

Chevron Honored by the Trust for the Americas for Community Partnership Programs in Venezuela
Chevron was honored by The Trust for the Americas, the nonprofit arm of the Organization of American States (OAS), for "exemplary corporate programs aimed at alleviating poverty in Latin America." OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria presented ChevronTexaco Latin America Upstream with an Honorable Mention award in the 2004 Corporate Citizen of the Americas competition for its Western Venezuela Development Program, a community partnership initiative that improves health and education opportunities for children in the region.

The Global Sullivan Principles
Unocal is proud to be a supporting company and member of the Global Sullivan Principles Steering Committee. The Reverend Leon Sullivan was an acclaimed and accomplished civil rights leader and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In conjunction with a number of multinational corporations and business associations, he developed an unprecedented set of corporate responsibility principles to promote business support for human rights, economic justice and a healthy environment. The values expressed by these principles set high standards that are aligned with Unocal's values and our own Guiding Principles for doing business.

Human Rights and High Standards
Unocal's investment in the Yadana natural gas pipeline project in Myanmar (Burma) has been sharply criticized by some activists for alleged human rights abuses by the military in the pipeline area. The company has worked with Total, the project operator, to ensure that no human rights violations occur on this project and that communities in the pipeline region are free of abuse. Unocal continues to closely monitor activities in Myanmar.

Promoting Children’s Rights in Myanmar
Unocal is collaborating with the Swiss-based International Institute for the Rights of the Child on a series of seminars and programs for Burmese social workers and others who work with youth and at-risk children. Two workshops were held in Yangon in November 2001 and in July 2002. Participants included a wide range of professionals involved with children's issues from Asia, Europe and North America. Actions recommended in the first two seminars are being pursued in 2003, including some exchanges that allow practitioners and professionals from Myanmar to see how other countries have implemented policies for youth that promote development and rights.

Security Assurance Programs, Disaster Preparedness and Relief Programs

International Security
Ensuring security for Unocal employees, our frequent travelers and our worldwide operations is an on-going priority. The company's security program provides both in-house and consulting expertise to assist business unit managers with due diligence, security surveys, emergency services, security training, and liaison with local security forces.

Employees Pitch In
In the Houston area, Unocal employees contribute significantly to the annual United Way Campaign and actively participate in fundraising drives for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and other area charities.

Employees Getting Involved
Unocal Thailand employees and their families participate in company-sponsored projects such as tree planting, providing supplies for schools and summer programs in marine ecology for college students.