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API Pressure Relieving Systems

When: March 05, 2013 - March 07, 2013
Where: San Antonio, TX

Presented by Equity Engineering


API’s 3-day course, taught by The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. provides real-world case studies about incidents involving Pressure Relief Valves (PRV). There also are classroom exercises that illustrate procedures for determining relief rates and valve size.

Course Highlights:
  • Determining required relief loads for distillation towers
  • Sizing for two-phase releases
  • Sizing flare headers
  • Deciding inspection frequency of relief devices
  • Documenting PRV design basis to meet OSHA 1910
  • Evaluating overpressure scenarios
  • Effects of back pressure on relief valves
  • Protecting vessels from fire damage
  • Evaluating gas breakthrough
  • Setting pressure tolerances

In addition, there are class exercises, such as determining relief load from real process equipment.

Who Should Attend:
  • Federal and state regulatory personnel who oversee safety and environmental protection
  • Engineers who design process piping systems and pressure vessel engineers
  • Boilers and process plant equipment owners/operators
  • Maintenance personnel who inspect and install pressure relief devices
  • Engineers involved in plant turnaround/upgrade projects
  • Manufacturer technical sales representatives
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