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API 580/581 Risk Based Inspection

When: March 12, 2013 - March 14, 2013
Where: San Antonio, TX

Presented by Equity Engineering


The American Petroleum Institute (API) conducts training classes that help attendees understand and use its Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) techniques. Don’t miss the chance to attend one of API’s courses to learn which RBI technologies, procedures, and working processes comply with the two important documents:
  • Recommended Practice for Risk-Based Inspection (API RP 580)
  • Base Resource Document on RBI (API Publication 581)
Together, these two documents comprise the widely recognized benchmark for industry-accepted RBI practices.

Course Highlights:
  • Why RBI analysis is used
  • The benefits and limitations of various RBI technologies
  • Differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches to RBI methods
  • The scope of equipment covered in RBI techniques
  • How RBI provides input to minimum requirements for programs that meet RP 580
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, and enterprise schedule/tracking
  • Communication tips to help explain RBI to regulators
  • Future industry trends in RBI
Who Should Attend:
  • Refining and petrochemical engineers and inspectors
  • Engineers and inspection personnel from the pulp and paper, oil and natural gas, and chemical industries may also find the course beneficial. A working knowledge of basic equipment is recommended

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