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Class A, B and C Operator Training

ABC-OperatorAPI, working with Antea Group, has created a cost effective, easy to use UST Operator Training Program using API’s WorkSafe™ platform.

Our web-based training meets federal and state regulatory requirements for UST A, B and C operator training.

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The Antea Group/API Operator Training curriculum consists of 18 customized training modules*, including:

  •  Operator Training Overview
  •  UST System Overview Part 1 – Tanks and Piping
  •  UST System Overview Part 2 – Ancillary Equipment
  •  Spill and Overfill Prevention
  •  Release Detection Overview
  •  Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
  •  Manual Tank Gauging
  •  Automatic Tank Gauging
  •  Secondary Containment and Interstitial Monitoring
  •  Groundwater and Vapor Monitoring
  •  Release Detection for Piping
  •  Corrosion Protection
  •  Emergency Response
  •  Product Compatibility
  •  Notification and Registration Requirements
  •  Release Reporting
  •  Closure Requirements
  •  Financial Responsibility

*Please note: Not all modules are required for each Class of Operator

Each module contains state specific training content for one, two or all three Classes of Operators. Depending on the Class of Operator taking the course, only the modules applicable to that certification will be available. Content within each module may also vary by state. At the conclusion of each module, Operators will be required to take a quiz that demonstrates comprehension of content. At the end of the program, the Operator will take final examination. After successfully passing the Operator Training exam, Class A, B and C Operators will have the ability to print their certificate directly from the web site.

The site also includes regulatory information on each state, which includes program status and the required training timeline.

For more information on the Class ABC Operator WorkSafe program, please email mcarthurm@api.org or tristan.steichen@anteagroup.com.