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Call for Papers

Throughout the multiple meetings hosted each year, API is dedicated to providing our meeting attendees with the most relevant topics for their areas of interest. API is continually looking for industry experts to present their findings, new technology, or areas of expertise during these events.

The sessions presented at API conferences are selected by the Program Committees based on need, relevance of topic, and written abstracts of the proposed presentation.  All session abstracts are reviewed by the program committee.

API hosts meetings and conferences in all segments of the industry.  For the requirements of a specific meeting, please visit our Calendar of Events and select the program of interest.

Proposal Elements

Please include the following when submitting a proposal to speak at an API conference.

1.  The API Conference name and date.
2.  The title of your presentation.  
3.  The general topic area. If selecting a topic identified by the program committee, please indicate the title found on the conference website.
4.  An abstract of the proposed topic. Please include how it is currently relevant to the industry, what objectives you will cover during the session, and the intended audience.
5.  A brief speaker biography.

Your paper proposal should contain enough information to allow the Program Committee to make an accurate judgment of the content of your proposed presentation.

*Please note that not all conferences allow open submission of proposals. Please check the individual conference site for availability.

Submitting a Proposal

By submitting a proposal to speak at an API conference, the speaker agrees that their presentation and/or title will not be commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products or services.

Proposals which include all information mentioned above should be sent to the planner as listed on the individual conference sites.  Deadlines for proposal submissions will also be posted on the conference site.  Please note that proposals submitted after the deadline may not be considered for that year’s conference.

If needed, please obtain the necessary clearance from your management before submitting your proposal. If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to prepare, submit and present your presentation at the conference.

The submission form asks specific questions. All information on the form should be provided.