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    Government Policies are Stopping or Delaying Development

    Government policies are stopping or delaying development of domestic oil and natural gas resources necessary to power our nation’s economy, create jobs and enhance America’s energy security.

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  • U.S. imports-exports

    U.S. Petroleum Product Imports and Exports - 2006-2012

    According to the Energy Information Administration, the U.S. in 2012 exported record levels of refined oil products such as diesel and jet fuel because of its efficient refineries operating at near capacity. The U.S. also imported significantly less due to flat domestic demand. Lower imports and increased exports have helped narrow the U.S. trade deficit and strengthen the overall economy.

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  • Keystone XL Infographic thumbnail

    Keystone XL: A Clear Win for the American Economy

    Keystone XL is a planned 1,200 mile long pipeline connecting Canadian oil deposits with Gulf Coast refineries. in addition to improving America's energy security, Keystone would stimulate economic gains across the country.
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  • Energy Taxes - thumbnail

    The Effects of Higher Energy Taxes

    When you tax something more, you get less of it. Tax hikes force businesses to adjust hiring plans and curtail investment.
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    The Truth on Oil "Subsidies"

    Using the tax code to punish one industry isn't fair. The oil and natural gas industry already pays more than its fair share of taxes. From 2007 to 2012, its effective tax rate averaged 44.6% - that's higher than any other industry.

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  • recipe for disaster - t

    Recipe for Disaster for American Energy

    Ingredients include regulations that could increase the cost of gasoline, create obstacles to domestic energy production and lead to higher taxes.
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  • Arkansas Shale - t

    Shale Story: Arkansas

    Development of the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas has been an economic boon for the state. Production of natural gas from the Fayetteville has pumped billions of dollars into the state’s economy and generated tens of thousands of jobs.

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  • Cementing - t

    Cementing: Seal for Safety

    Oil and natural gas well construction relies on multiple layers of steel and cement barriers to isolate energy production from groundwater.
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    Energy Answers: A Q&A Style Booklet

    This booklet responds to common questions about taxes, earnings, and the inquiry.  Click "Read More" to download the booklet.

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    A Few Weeks Work - Decades of Energy

    The drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques used to access oil and natural gas trapped in shale rock only account for a tiny fraction of the lifespan of a typical well.
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