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Exploration & Production

Promise of U.S. Arctic Oil & Natural Gas Resources

In response to a Department of Energy October 25, 2013 request, the National Petroleum Council conducted a comprehensive study considering the research and technology opportunities to enable prudent development of U.S. Arctic oil and gas resources.

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Improvements to Offshore Safety by Industry and Government - Post Macondo

The oil and natural gas industry and the federal government have together taken great strides to enhance the safety of offshore drilling operations.

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Why are Seismic Surveys Needed in the Atlantic OCS

Seismic testing has been safely used in the U.S. and around the world for decades to locate potential new sources of hydrocarbon energy. But as the federal government prepares to allow seismic surveys off the Atlantic Coast, groups opposed to oil and natural gas development are actively spreading misinformation.

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Production on U.S. Federal Offshore & Onshore Areas is Down

We are hearing a lot about the Administration’s leadership in driving oil production up. The fact is that production on federal offshore and onshore areas is down.

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More Exploration and Production Information

Exploration is the process of trying to find accumulations of oil and natural gas trapped under the Earth’s surface. Production is the process of recovering those hidden resources for processing, marketing and use. Access to oil and natural gas resources is critical to supplying the energy needs of American consumers, business and homeowners. For more information, see Oil & Natural Gas/Exploration and Production.

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