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  • Alaska - A State of Energy 77 x 61

    Alaska - A State of Energy

    Since statehood, Alaska has been among America’s most important energy producing states, showing what can be achieved with foresight, determination and innovation. Alaska demonstrates that developing energy – to promote economic growth and to improve the lives of people – need not come at the expense of the environment or other natural resources. The Alaska experience also shows that energy policy has an important bearing on the trajectory of energy production.
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  • History of North Alaska Petroleum development

    In the early 1970s, as petroleum production from the Lower 48 states entered a decline, a new discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska offered the U.S. the promise of a significant new source of competitive domestic supply on a world class scale. The discovery was initially estimated to be 9.6 billion barrels of oil, nearly double the size of the largest field ever previously found in North America. Despite high costs, hostile climate, untested technology, unsettled land claim issues, and major environmental challenges, supply from Prudhoe Bay came online in 1977, offsetting most of the decline in Lower 48 supply through the mid-1980s.
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