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Risk Based Inspection - Presented by Equity Engineering Group, Inc.


When: September 18, 2018 - September 20, 2018

Where: Denver, CO

Presented by Equity Engineering Group, Inc.

This Risk-Based Inspection training course helps attendees understand and use RBI technology, develop a program, and learn which RBI procedures and working process comply with industry standards. The course covers risk determination and planning; assessment of damage mechanisms; and probability of failure, consequences of failure, and various risk determinations. Additionally, we will facilitate discussions on risk-based inspection planning and financial risk and cost benefit analysis. The instructors will discuss the background and logic behind RBI technology and intersperse some example problems to demonstrate the step-by-step calculation of risk.

Course Highlights:

  • You will learn if RBI is right for your company by evaluating the merits of its use and the potential ROI (e.g. reduce risk up to 60-80% while achieving 30-40% ROI by reducing inspections).
  • You will learn how to manage your RBI contractor in order to achieve the greatest benefits and correctly interpret the contractor's recommendations.
  • You will learn how to identify essential information relevant to the priorities you have established from API RP 581.
  • Do you represent a petrochemical plant? You can achieve significant benefits from API RP 581 as well.

Who Should Attend:

  • Refining and petrochemical engineers and inspectors
  • Plant personnel from the pulp and paper, oil and natural gas, and chemical industries

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