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Rockies Energy Workforce

The Rockies Energy Workforce Collaborative is a task force that meets quarterly to identify and link common interests and goals of the energy industry, education, and state workforce systems in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. The group collectively generates deliverables to support workforce needs in the region. It builds on the existing network of state efforts to develop a regional approach to workforce issues involving employers, economic development organizations, state and regional workforce initiatives, and community colleges and training centers. The collaborative works in conjunction with the Rockies Alliance for Process Technology (RAPT).

Since its creation in December 2005, the collaborative has allowed educational institutions and workforce centers to work more closely with industry to develop programs and curricula to be shared across the entire region. It has created strong synergies among groups and has facilitated the development of more targeted training programs which meet industry needs and, as a result, are now more consistent across the region. A measure of the collaborative’s success is the number of participants - 18 companies, 14 educational institutions, 5 economic development organizations, and 8 state officials or departments.  A website ( has been created to highlight career opportunities and to connect industry and state workforce centers.

For more information, please contact API at (202) 682-8475.


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