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Industry Preparedness Supports Safe and Stable Response to Severe Weather Events

hurricane preparedness 

Stephen Comstock

Suzanne Lemieux
Posted August 31, 2021

The U.S. natural gas and oil industry is working to protect coastal communities and workers as first responders assess Hurricane Ida’s impact along the Gulf Coast. Right now, our members are actively assessing their facilities and infrastructure while monitoring flooding conditions on the ground.

The Department of Energy noted Monday morning that “refinery and offshore platform shut-ins are not anticipated to cause any immediate supply issues.” Operators will continue coordinating with government authorities to mitigate risk and address any potential fuel disruptions while working to supply the energy that is critical to emergency response.

Fuel refineries and pipeline infrastructure are vital to emergency response and market stability. Whether it is this storm or future storms, U.S. energy operators are prepared to mitigate risk and minimize disruption.

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Protecting America's Critical Energy Infrastructure

colonial pipeline  cybersecurity  infrastructure  safety standards 

Stephen Comstock

Suzanne Lemieux
Posted May 10, 2021

Over the weekend, Colonial Pipeline Company experienced a cybersecurity attack, which has since been identified as ransomware, forcing the shutdown of one piece of U.S. critical energy infrastructure. Colonial Pipeline is issuing updates about their operations and response activities as well as precautionary and other measures they’ve taken to protect the safety and security of their energy systems. Read their press statements here.

As Colonial Pipeline consults with law enforcement and other federal agencies, the broader U.S. natural gas and oil industry continues to focus on mitigating cybersecurity risks and adapting to this evolving threat landscape. In recent months, ransomware attacks have disrupted public services in major U.S. cities as well as businesses in healthcare and manufacturing, among other essential industries. We encourage government policies that allow companies to innovate and refine processes that protect against future incidents.

API member companies are committed to protecting America’s critical oil and natural gas infrastructure, safeguarding intellectual property and providing affordable, reliable energy for everyday use.

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