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Megan Barnett Bloomgren

Megan Bloomgren
Posted June 13, 2019

John Watson, then the chairman and CEO of Chevron, once was asked how the natural gas and oil industry is perceived since so much of the climate discussion is aimed solely at producing fossil fuels.

Unflinchingly, Watson countered that his industry is a noble one – delivering light, heat, transportation, food, clothing and other benefits to people every day – and that natural gas and oil are foundational for almost everything that we use and do. Simply put, Watson asserted that natural gas and oil are forces for good in human development and far from a deterrent (and instead an enabler) of climate progress.

It was an argument for the societal value of natural gas and oil and the opportunities they create, thanks to U.S. energy abundance.

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Let's Talk Clean Energy

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted September 27, 2017

API and a number of other groups are pleased to be participating in National Clean Energy Week, which is highlighting readily abundant energy needed to power homes and businesses that’s also helping the U.S. reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We realize not everyone thinks API and some others fit in the clean energy conversation. But the fact is our industry is a clean energy leader, and we lay out the proofs below. Looking at the bigger picture, our industry must be in this conversation because natural gas and oil are the United States’ and the world’s leading energy sources now and will be well into the future.

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Chevron's willyoujoinus Provides Outlet for Energy Discussion

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Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted October 8, 2010

On this blog, we strive to provide an informative, timely and fair discussion about a variety of energy-related topics. In the spirit of those ideals, I recently came across another energy discussion forum on Chevron's 

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