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The States and the Right Regulatory Approach

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted July 12, 2016

The sound approach to energy regulation in the U.S. – one that provides appropriate oversight to oil and natural gas development without unnecessarily impeding progress – continues to be a major theme at the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) annual conference in Washington.

Tesoro President and CEO Gregory J. Goff raised the point with his Day 1 keynote speech, calling for transparency, fairness and accountability in federal regulation:

“Consumers, companies and the economy all benefit when government policies are well-reasoned and balanced. America is blessed with an abundance of affordable, reliable energy. It must not be squandered. Allowing the forces of the free market to operate will continue to benefit society. Government should be a facilitating partner in this positive economic force, not a roadblock to it.”

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2015 Shapes Up as the Year of Energy Policy Debate

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Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted January 5, 2015

NPR: President Obama’s chief custodian of federal lands says local and regional bans on fracking are taking regulation of oil and gas recovery in the wrong direction. “I would say that is the wrong way to go,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told KQED in an exclusive interview. “I think it’s going to be very difficult for industry to figure out what the rules are if different counties have different rules.” In November, two California counties added themselves to a growing list of local bans on hydraulic fracturing. Voters approved measures in San Benito and Mendocino Counties by wide margins. “There are a lot of fears out there in the general public and that manifests itself with local laws or regional laws,” Jewell said.

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Good Words on Regulatory Certainty

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted May 9, 2013

New Interior Department Secretary Sally Jewell is on the right track in her remarks at this week’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, committing Interior to providing “regulatory certainty, predictability (and) consistency” in oil and natural gas development.
This is critical to reverse recent declining development in federal areas. According to the Congressional Research Service, while oil production in non-federal areas was up 2009 to 2012, in federal areas it was down 6 percent:

CRS Oil Federal vs NonFederal

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