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Path to Progress – In Pennsylvania and Beyond

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API CEO Mike Sommers

Mike Sommers
Posted September 23, 2021

This week I addressed the Economic Club of Pittsburgh – in the heart of Pennsylvania’s natural gas and oil region – and I talked about the state’s critical importance to the larger U.S. energy picture and the key role our industry plays in meeting the challenge of supplying the energy that powers our nation and also in reducing emissions, toward a lower-carbon future.

Energy has transformed Pennsylvania and continues to do so. Pennsylvania’s natural gas and oil industry directly and indirectly supported nearly a half million jobs across the commonwealth’s economy in 2019. Our industry’s total economic contribution to Pennsylvania ranked among the highest in the nation, with more than $78 billion directed to the state’s GDP – including nearly $41 billion in labor income.

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Biden’s Pledge to Pennsylvania Energy Workers Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted September 3, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden hit the campaign trail this week in southwestern Pennsylvania, home to the energy-rich Marcellus Shale – a good backdrop for discussing how Biden’s energy and jobs policies could affect Pennsylvania and other big production states, including New Mexico and Colorado, as well as Gulf Coast states.

Start with Biden’s remarks from Pittsburgh that, if elected, he will not ban fracking – clearly, to calm voters in shale country, where hydraulic fracturing has revitalized state and local economies, and necessitated by what he said in March and July, which sounded an awful lot like he would ban fracking.

So, case closed, right? Well, not exactly.

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Appalachian Swing States Emerge as Energy Leaders in Pandemic

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John Siciliano

John D. Siciliano
Posted July 24, 2020

Key Appalachian swing states continue to competitively produce the majority of America’s natural gas supply, despite a global pandemic that continues to pose major challenges for the industry. 

Natural gas production in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia has skyrocketed in the last decade, making the Appalachian region the No. 3 natural gas producer globally behind Russia and the remainder of the United States. This has transformed the region into an energy powerhouse, one that continues to show room for growth.  

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Fracking and Battleground Pennsylvania

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted June 26, 2020

Pennsylvania promises to again be a battleground state this year, and former Vice President Joe Biden was in Lancaster this week to talk about health care and the coronavirus. At some point voters in the nation’s No. 2 energy-producing state will want to know what he thinks about natural gas and oil.

Our industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania, furnishes tens of billions of dollars in wages and contributions to the commonwealth’s economy. Nearly $2 billion in impact fee revenue from natural gas production has gone to the state – distributed to counties and municipalities to fund public safety, water and sewer projects, environmental programs and more.

Natural gas and oil are critical to Pennsylvania and to the United States, and any policy or program that would ban or severely restrict safe fracking, impacting natural gas and oil production, could have significant energy and economic effects. It’s not just API making the policy argument for energy and against banning fracking.

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Natural Gas Severance Tax Punishes Pennsylvanians

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Sam Winstel

Sam Winstel
Posted February 18, 2020

Another year, another punitive natural gas tax proposal from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, his sixth bid for a severance tax in six years.

We say “punitive,” because Wolf’s tax hike would effectively punish an industry that has been good for Pennsylvania, contributing $1.7 billion in impact fees since 2012 while boosting the commonwealth’s economy and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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SOAE 2020: This is Moon Township

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Sam Winstel

Sam Winstel
Posted January 14, 2020

America’s natural gas and oil revolution has benefitted cities across the nation by fueling manufacturing, boosting agriculture and growing local economies. Case in point: Moon Township – located northwest of Pittsburgh – which was highlighted in API’s annual State of American Energy report for its thriving small business community.

Energy development in the Marcellus Shale has restored the economy of Western Pennsylvania, creating good-paying jobs that helped residents weather the recession during the first decade of the 21st century.

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Supporting the Public Good in Pennsylvania

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted June 28, 2019

Here's some quantification for the broad, public good the natural gas industry is doing in Pennsylvania – nearly $252 million distributed to counties and municipalities in state impact fees paid by natural gas operators, the highest total since the fee was implemented in 2012.

Behind the numbers: county and municipal governments that host shale wells will receive $135 million, the Marcellus Legacy Fund – for statewide initiatives including greenways, trails and recreation, watershed restoration, flood control, abandoned mine drainage abatement and abandoned well plugging – will receive $90 million and $18 million will go to state agencies.

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Another Counter-Productive Energy Tax Proposal in PA

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted February 5, 2019

Back in 2015, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s first year in office, we first likened his bid to hike taxes on natural gas production to killing the goose that lays golden eggs. That’s because over the years natural gas production has significantly benefited Pennsylvania – the nation’s No. 2 natural gas producer – in jobs, economic lift and impact fees paid by industry that have helped support public infrastructure, storm and water systems, public safety, housing and more, all over the commonwealth.

Negatively impacting a key Pennsylvania industry doesn’t make sense. Yet, in this new year, Wolf is back with a new tax scheme that could hamper natural gas production and its benefits – a proposal to borrow money to invest in infrastructure that would be paid back through a new natural gas production tax. Again, a tax on top of the impact fees industry already pays.

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Natural Gas Impact Taxes Continue to Benefit Pennsylvania

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Jessica  Lutz

Jessica Lutz
Posted June 28, 2018

When talking about the nuts-and-bolts of policy, it’s easy to lose sight of the real-world impacts of various regulatory choices. In Pennsylvania, where Gov. Tom Wolf continues to press for higher taxes on the commonwealth’s natural gas producers, the benefits of existing impact taxes on producers shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Tax Proposal Takes Aim at Pennsylvania’s Prosperity

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted August 9, 2017

Total up industry’s economic contributions to Pennsylvania – helping to support its schools, first-responders, local infrastructure and jobs, lots of them – and it’s a pretty fair amount. But not fair enough for some. Last month a narrow majority in Pennsylvania’s state Senate voted for a $600 million tax increase that would hit natural gas producers and natural gas and electric users while also hiking taxes on communications services – all of which could significantly impact Pennsylvania consumers.

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