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America’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry Benefits Americans

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted October 21, 2014

Sonecon’s updated look at ownership of the U.S. oil and natural gas industry shows that the benefits of a successful, rigorous industry sector continue to accrue to a broad range of Americans – who are the industry’s true owners. Here’s what we mean by broad:

  • Public and private pension and retirements plans, including 401(k)s and IRAs, hold 46.8 percent of all shares of U.S. oil and natural gas companies in 2014.
  • Asset management companies, including mutual funds, hold 24.7 percent of oil and natural gas shares.
  • Individual investors hold 18.7 percent of all oil and natural gas company shares.

Combined, that’s 97 percent of all oil and natural gas company stock – held by millions of Americans across the country.

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ETR 130 - The Oil and Natural Gas Industry's Contribution to State Pension Plans

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Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted April 27, 2011

A new report conducted on behalf of API by Robert Shapiro of Sonecon, LLC, examines the financial impact of investments in oil and natural gas companies on the overall performance of the two largest public employee pension funds in each of four states - Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The data shows these investments sharply out-performed the funds' other assets.

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