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Industry is Committed to Innovating Climate Solutions

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John Siciliano

John D. Siciliano
Posted February 19, 2020

It will take new breakthroughs and technological know-how to build a cleaner energy future, and no one is better positioned to lead the way through innovation than our industry. …

Through new alliances and partnerships, our companies are investing in carbon capture, utilization and storage, or CCUS, to remove greenhouse gases from power-plant smokestacks, refineries and even directly out of the air itself.

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We Can Multi-Task on Infrastructure, Reducing CO2

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted December 16, 2019

We and others in our industry talk frequently about how the United States has the ability to meet the dual challenges of securing affordable, reliable energy while our nation also addresses the risks of climate change (see here and here). …

Certainly, this industry mindset comes through in two new reports from the National Petroleum Council – one on deploying, at scale, carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) technologies into the energy and industrial marketplace, and another on the need for new energy infrastructure.

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Storing Carbon

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Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted October 21, 2009

The Weyburn oil field in southern Saskatchewan is the largest greenhouse gas storage facility in Canada. Under a project sponsored by the International Energy Agency, academic institutions and industry partners, the oil field is being injected with carbon dioxide (CO2) piped from a North Dakota coal gasification plant. By injecting CO2 into the oil-bearing rock formation, it's believed that the oil field's life could be extended by 25 years while providing storage for 20 million tons of CO2. 

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