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Appalachian Swing States Emerge as Energy Leaders in Pandemic

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John Siciliano

John D. Siciliano
Posted July 24, 2020

Key Appalachian swing states continue to competitively produce the majority of America’s natural gas supply, despite a global pandemic that continues to pose major challenges for the industry. 

Natural gas production in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia has skyrocketed in the last decade, making the Appalachian region the No. 3 natural gas producer globally behind Russia and the remainder of the United States. This has transformed the region into an energy powerhouse, one that continues to show room for growth.  

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Energy Today – May 29, 2013

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Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted May 29, 2013

The AtlanticHow Houston Became the Most Powerful Job Engine in the Country

Texas is killing it, reports the magazine’s website A new analysis of jobs recovered since the economic downturn finds that the state’s  largest city stands apart as the most powerful job engine in the country – thanks to its ties with the energy industry.

CNN OpinionMake Sure Fracking is Done Right

In a guest post, the Council On Foreign Relations’ Michael Levi writes that “people are right to insist that [hydraulic fracturing] is done safely, but they're wrong if they conclude that it can't be.”

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FOX: "Shale, the New American Gold Rush"

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Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted January 5, 2010

As part of Fox News' "Job Hunt" series, today a segment aired aboutshale gas, calling it "the new American gold rush of the 21st century," and discussing how its development is creating jobs--even during this time of economic distress.

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"Remarkable" Natural Gas

domestic energy  energy policy  haynesville shale  horizontal drilling  hydraulic fracturing  natural gas  supply  technology innovation 

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted November 2, 2009

"Remarkable" was the word used by Energy Information Administrator Richard Newell last week to describe the sharp rise in U.S. natural gas reserves. In a report issued by his agency last week, Newell noted that U.S. proven natural gas reserves rose 3 percent in 2008.

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