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New Year Brings Energy Policies into Focus

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Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted January 7, 2015

Wall Street Journal: The U.S. trade gap narrowed in November to its lowest level in nearly a year, reflecting gyrations in the oil market that mask strong underlying domestic demand for foreign goods. The trade deficit fell 7.7% to a seasonally adjusted $39 billion in November from the prior month’s deficit of $42.25 billion, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. The reading marks the smallest deficit since December 2013. October’s deficit was revised from an initially reported $43.43 billion. The narrower trade gap could support fourth-quarter economic growth. Barclays lifted it forecast fourth-quarter gross domestic product forecast to a 3.5% gain from a 2.7% advance following the trade report. Credit Suisse moved its estimate to a 3.2% advance from 2.9%.

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State of American Energy 2013: Investing in America

state of american energy  soae 2013  soae  energy policy  domestic energy  Energy 101 

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted January 7, 2013

With the 113th Congress about to convene and President Obama preparing to launch his second term, America’s oil and natural gas industry is ready to take a leading role in boosting the nation’s economy – largely through investments stemming from increased development of domestic oil and natural gas.

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