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EPA Needs to Fix Air Emissions Proposal

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Rayola Dougher

Rayola Dougher
Posted March 15, 2012

EPA's proposed rules for the oil and natural gas sector, which address sources of air emissions including those associated with hydraulic fracturing, are due to be finalized in the first week of April. The rules are important because they would over time affect hundreds of thousands of natural gas development operations.

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Keystone and Consequences

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John Felmy
Posted January 20, 2012

Heather Zichal, Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, writes:

"But what’s abundantly clear is that there are no silver bullets when it comes to this challenge. And the idea, as some in Washington have tried to suggest, that building a pipeline is the ultimate answer to the question of American energy security and job creation is nothing more than a pipe dream. The truth is that just two of the Administration’s programs – the DOE Loan Guarantee Program and the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards – will create more than 10 times the amount of jobs generated by the Keystone XL pipeline, which will only generate a few thousand temporary jobs."

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