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Natural Gas and Oil are Building a Brighter Future for All

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API CEO Mike Sommers

Mike Sommers
Posted March 9, 2020

From recent remarks to a meeting of the Aurora, Colorado, Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Business Roundtable.

The Aurora Chamber aspires to be a catalyst, convener and champion of the Aurora business community. That caught my attention because at API, we see ourselves in much the same way, especially now, when the State of American Energy is one of leadership. America is the global leader in energy development, carbon emissions reductions and environmental performance.

Our industry is built on the catalysts who meet the world’s ever-growing energy demand, conveners who address the risks of climate change, and champions who promote all the Americans working 10.9 million jobs supported by the natural gas and oil industry.

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12.23 Million B/D: Record Oil Production Strengthens U.S.

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Jessica  Lutz

Jessica Lutz
Posted March 6, 2020

It’s been a big week for announcements coming out of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the nation’s natural gas and oil industry.

On Monday, EIA said that annual U.S. oil production broke another big record in 2019, and swiftly followed that with news on Tuesday that U.S. natural gas use has reached new record highs. Both are great news for American energy and national security, the economy and the environment.

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Constitution Pipeline Stalls Out, New Yorkers Miss Out

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted March 5, 2020

Politics continues to dictate energy policy in New York – with the state’s consumers paying the price.

Look at the recently announced shelving of the Constitution natural gas pipeline by the Williams Company and its partners. The 124-mile line would have piped natural gas from the nearby Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania into New York. The builders gave up after nearly eight years of trying to get through regulatory red tape and general opposition to new natural gas infrastructure by Albany.

It’s a missed opportunity for New Yorkers. 

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Fracking Ban Could Hamstring Important Energy Producing States

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Sam Winstel

Sam Winstel
Posted March 2, 2020

The U.S. is the world’s leading producer of natural gas and oil, and a net exporter of total energy, but unrealistic policy proposals could put America’s progress is at risk. A nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing and federal natural gas and oil leasing could erase a generation of industry growth and innovation, according to API’s latest economic analysis, and several U.S. states are in the crosshairs.

Modern hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – has delivered widespread economic and environmental progress. But per API’s report, a fracking ban could result in the loss of $7.1 trillion in cumulative GDP and millions of jobs by 2030 and could trigger a U.S. recession.

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Natural Gas Continues to Drive Down CO2 Emissions

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Sam Winstel

Sam Winstel
Posted February 28, 2020

Some welcome news from the International Energy Agency (IEA) this month on global carbon dioxide emissions. IEA’s report finds that global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions flattened in 2019 – even as the world economy expanded by 2.9% –  in large part due to the increased use of natural gas. And closer to home, the news gets even better. The U.S. recorded the largest emissions decline of any country, down 140 million tons (Mt) from the previous year.

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Fracking Ban Could Cripple U.S., New Study Finds

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted February 27, 2020

We’ve been making the point that political chatter about banning safe hydraulic fracturing and ending federal natural gas and oil leasing simply doesn’t make sense when you think about how far the U.S. has come in recent years – economic growth, increased energy security and consumer benefits – because of modern fracking, which is used for 95% of new wells in the U.S. today.

Thanks to a new study, we now know what that America would look like, and the picture isn’t good.

A new economic analysis conducted by OnLocation shows that if some politicians get their way and ban fracking and federal natural gas and oil leasing, the consequences could be crippling.

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Sommers: Fracking Helps Consumers, Environment

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted February 25, 2020

Listen to API President and CEO Mike Sommers make the case for safe hydraulic fracturing – the chief reason the U.S. is the world’s leading natural gas and oil producer – during an interview with CNBC

Sommers makes the affirmative argument for fracking because some presidential candidates are talking about banning it – as well as federal natural gas and oil leasing. Sommers said millions of good-paying American jobs, U.S. security and significant environmental progress could be at risk if those advocating a ban on fracking get their way.

The CNBC appearance was among interviews Sommers gave while in New York City last week. In each of them Sommers underscored the vast benefits to the U.S. from modern fracking technology. 

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NEPA Reform Needed to Improve Local Infrastructure

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Sam Winstel

Sam Winstel
Posted February 24, 2020

The nation’s infrastructure needs some love.

To reverse the deteriorating state of the U.S. transportation, communication and energy supply networks – which recently earned a D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers – we need a national commitment to more purposefully and efficiently get important projects off the drawing board and into development. Without it, America’s ability to compete in the 21st-century economy will be hindered.

As we’ve discussed (here and here), proposed reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) are critical to accelerating much-needed infrastructure improvements in every state and, in turn, creating good-paying jobs and spurring economic growth. Review processes under NEPA – which was last updated in 1978 – have significantly impeded infrastructure progress, delaying projects for years and years.

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The Crippling Costs of a Fracking Ban

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted February 21, 2020

API’s new video, “The Costs of a Fracking Ban,” pulls no punches: Ending the technology most responsible for the U.S. energy revolution – as proposed by some politicians – would harm millions of Americans and weaken the nation’s security. 

With 95% of new natural gas and oil wells developed with hydraulic fracturing, a ban on fracking most likely would end U.S. global leadership in natural gas and oil production and make America weaker, less secure. It would hamstring the economy and could cost millions of jobs. Average household costs could increase, and entire communities could be waylaid in the process.

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Industry is Committed to Innovating Climate Solutions

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John Siciliano

John D. Siciliano
Posted February 19, 2020

It will take new breakthroughs and technological know-how to build a cleaner energy future, and no one is better positioned to lead the way through innovation than our industry. …

Through new alliances and partnerships, our companies are investing in carbon capture, utilization and storage, or CCUS, to remove greenhouse gases from power-plant smokestacks, refineries and even directly out of the air itself.

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