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Exports, Energy and Jobs: Yes. Yes. Yes.

liquefied natural gas  lng exports  job creation  economic growth 

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted November 8, 2013

When President Obama talks about creating jobs, growing the economy, expanding exports of U.S. goods and strengthening the middle class, as he did Friday in New Orleans, most Americans are with him. And so is the oil and natural gas industry. As he said in April, creating jobs and opportunity for Americans should be our “true North.”

The president used Friday’s speech to make the case that needed improvements to the nation’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, ports and more – is a path to increased prosperity.

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American Energy for America's Energy Future

exports  liquefied natural gas  natural gas from shale  oil and natural gas  ghg emissions  lng 

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted October 1, 2013

Jobs, U.S. energy security and regulation are leading the discussion at the North American Gas Forum (NAGF) this week in Washington. The NAGF is a gathering of regional natural gas industry members -- primarily focused on issues that affect the distribution and use of natural gas domestically and globally. Highlights from the two-day meeting:

  • Because of vast shale reserves, the U.S. has a chance to be more secure in the future through safe, reliable supplies of North American energy.

ICF International's Kevin Petak predicted the Marcellus Shale Play will become a "juggernaut," producing more than 20 million cubic feet of natural gas per day by 2035. The U.S. Energy Information Administration's Howard Gruenspecht said U.S. natural gas production is expected to outpace domestic consumption and that the U.S. could become a net exporter by 2040.

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Energy Today – June 5, 2013

natural gas  exports  liquefied natural gas  oil 

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted June 5, 2013

The HillFueling the Future

Bill Cooper, president of the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas, talked with The Hill about the future of natural gas exports. “This is not the first time the country has argued protectionism versus exports and that kind of thing,” he said. “Historically, if we look back over it, protectionism tends to lead to economic stagnation.”

Dallas Morning NewsU.S. Oil and Natural Gas Investment at 10-year High

An Ernst & Young study released Tuesday found that in 2012 the 50 largest U.S. oil and natural gas companies spent $185.6 billion on domestic exploration and  new production. That represented a 20 percent increase over the previous year and the most in the past 10 years.

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Energy Today - May 30, 2013

exports  energy  hydraulic fracturing  liquefied natural gas 

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted May 30, 2013

Washington PostAllow U.S. Natural Gas Exports

A newspaper editorial urges new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to act swiftly on applications to export liquefied natural gas: “We are confident that any even-handed consideration will lead Mr. Moniz to the same conclusion that so many experts have already embraced: that allowing the country to sell its bounty to the world will leave it and its trading partners better off.”

National GeographicMonterey Shale Shakes California’s Energy Future

With the U.S. government estimating as much as 15.4 billion barrels of oil could be locked in the Monterey play, a state that has been a leader in clean energy could see a different energy future unfold, NatGeo reports. One study found that development of shale energy could add as many as 2.8 million jobs by 2020 and increase tax revenue by $4.5 billion.

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Energy Today – May 29, 2013

exports  fracking  hydraulic fracturing  liquefied natural gas  natural gas  manufacturing  haynesville shale 

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted May 29, 2013

The AtlanticHow Houston Became the Most Powerful Job Engine in the Country

Texas is killing it, reports the magazine’s website A new analysis of jobs recovered since the economic downturn finds that the state’s  largest city stands apart as the most powerful job engine in the country – thanks to its ties with the energy industry.

CNN OpinionMake Sure Fracking is Done Right

In a guest post, the Council On Foreign Relations’ Michael Levi writes that “people are right to insist that [hydraulic fracturing] is done safely, but they're wrong if they conclude that it can't be.”

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Energy Today – May 24, 2013

exports  fracking  innovation  keystone xl pipeline  liquefied natural gas 

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted May 24, 2013

The HillKeep Climate Change Out of Keystone XL Decision, GOP Warns

In a letter, 24 Senate Republicans urged President Obama not to tie the Keystone XL pipeline project to “wholly unrelated and economically disastrous new regulatory policies.”

Bloomberg FracFocus Drillers’ Registry to Create Chemicals Database

A revamped FracFocus website – expected next week – will now allow regulators to search and aggregate data. The Environmental Defense Fund’s Mark Brownstein called it  “a substantial improvement.”

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Energy Today – May 21, 2013

liquefied natural gas  keystone xl pipeline  natural gas 

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted May 21, 2013

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Number of Women Landing Jobs in Oil, Natural Gas Industry Growing

Good news from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Of 3,900 positions added in the oil and natural gas industry nationwide in the first quarter of 2013, almost half or 1,800 were filled by women.

AEI Ideas Carpe Diem BlogThe Most Economically Successful Metropolitan Area in the Country

As a direct result of all the shale oil and natural gas activity in the Permian Basin area of West Texas, the economy of Midland is booming, writes Mark J. Perry. There is also an unprecedented construction surge taking place in the town – building permits in March skyrocketed to 347, which was a 580 percent increase from  a year ago.

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Energy Today – April 29, 2013

exports  fracking  liquefied natural gas  natural gas 

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted April 29, 2013

Washington TimesPa.: High Methane in Town’s Water Supply Not Caused by Fracking

After a 16-month investigation, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says there’s  no evidence connecting hydraulic fracturing with high levels of methane found in private water supplies in Franklin Forks.

Wall Street JournalImpact Fees Benefit Pennsylvania Towns

The Journal details ways the fees from hydraulic fracturing have been used by different communities. Cumberland Township, a small farming community in southwest Pennsylvania, got $1 million or nearly half its annual operating budget, which it used to buy new police and fire equipment as well as pay for other public needs. (Subscription required for this publication) 

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On LNG Exports, Let’s Stick to the Facts

domestic energy  exports  lng  liquefied natural gas 

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted January 28, 2013

The campaign against the free trade of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) generally goes down a few of tracks:

  • Consumers will be hurt as “excessive” LNG exports stretch demand, making natural gas more expensive here at home.
  • Blocking or restricting LNG exports will best fuel U.S. economic growth.
  • The federal government needs to prevent “unrestricted” or “unlimited” LNG exports.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be one opinion against another. The U.S. Energy Department has a recent, comprehensive study on these issues in hand, in addition to reports and studies by other reputable organizations. The conclusions, based on scholarly research, should guide the federal decision on licensing the construction of LNG export facilities – more than a dozen of which are awaiting approval.

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