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Americans Clear on Higher Energy Taxes

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted October 29, 2013

Here’s what Americans are thinking about tax reform discussions that potentially could include hiking taxes on U.S. oil and natural gas companies, according to a new Harris Interactive poll

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Study: America’s Energy Reality – Energy Is Driving the Resurgent Economy

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Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted August 1, 2013

API’s Jack Gerard announced a new PwC study on the economic impacts of the oil and natural gas industry in 2011, the most recent year for which comprehensive data is available. 

During a conference call with reports, Gerard noted that in 2011 the industry supported more than 9.8 million jobs – that’s 600,000 more jobs than it supported just two years earlier. Gerard:

“The PwC report confirms what we already know: America’s 21st century energy revolution is driving our resurgent economy.”

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The Right Path to More Revenue for Government

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted July 2, 2013

A post on The Hill’s Congress Blog by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation’s Matthew Stepp and Megan Nicholson caught our eye:

 “… we suggest Washington policymakers raise at least $1 billion per year in new revenue from increased fees on oil and gas drilling, to be invested in breakthrough clean energy research at the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

 Now, we’re used to folks wanting to increase taxes and other fees from oil and natural gas to pay for their pet projects. But instead of “increased fees” maybe Washington policymakers should just let us do our jobs. The authors note:

 “According to the Department of the Interior, oil and gas drilling revenue from federal lands increased 56 percent since 2000, averaging $11 billion per year.”

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Good Words on Regulatory Certainty

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted May 9, 2013

New Interior Department Secretary Sally Jewell is on the right track in her remarks at this week’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, committing Interior to providing “regulatory certainty, predictability (and) consistency” in oil and natural gas development.
This is critical to reverse recent declining development in federal areas. According to the Congressional Research Service, while oil production in non-federal areas was up 2009 to 2012, in federal areas it was down 6 percent:

CRS Oil Federal vs NonFederal

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The Keystone XL Pipeline: ‘We Need It Now”

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted April 9, 2013

We’re working on a new ad in support of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The ad reinforces the main reasons the full Keystone XL project should get the green light from the president:

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