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ICYMI: Clean natural gas has reduced emissions, lowered costs for consumers

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API Market Development Group Director Todd Snitchler joined The Hill TV’s Molly Hooper to discuss how clean, affordable, reliable natural gas has transformed our nation’s energy landscape and delivered great benefits to American consumers and the environment.

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Key excerpts from the interview with API Market Development Group Director Todd Snitchler:

“Natural gas has changed the energy equation in a number of ways. With natural gas, customers are saving a lot of money in that they are getting their power and their home heating fuel at a much lower cost. Studies have shown that the average household has saved about $655 a year as a result of the greater utilization of natural gas which is an immediate benefit to people’s pocketbooks.”

“On average about 35-40 percent of electricity comes from natural gas depending on the region of the country and that has increased pretty dramatically over the last 10-15 years. You’ve seen a reduction in the amount of coal and an increase in the amount of renewables and natural gas that has balanced out our fuel diversity across the country.”