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Maritime Infrastructure Coalition Applauds Passage of WRDA 2020

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WASHINGTON (December 22, 2020) – Members of the Maritime Infrastructure Coalition issued the following statements applauding House and Senate passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 2020 within the Omnibus spending package and urged President Trump to sign the package into law. The coalition brings together waterway users to advocate for a modern national maritime infrastructure system that can reliably serve the waterborne transportation needs of a broad array of users while ensuring safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable waterways.




American Association of Port Authorities


 “AAPA is very pleased to see the 2020 WRDA getting finalized, especially the HMTF provision – the culmination of years of effort by our association, our members and many of our stakeholders and partners. AAPA sincerely appreciates the efforts of House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO), along with Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) and Ranking Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), for their leadership and pursuit of the HMTF solution, and we’re urging swift Congressional passage.” – AAPA President and CEO, Christopher J. Connor


American Chemistry Council


“We commend Congress for passing a bipartisan package that will help increase the capacity of our ports and improve the pace for completing inland waterway projects. The chemical industry ships a wide range of materials from plastic pellets to commodity chemicals that are used to produce more than 96% of all manufactured goods. Maintaining and rebuilding our nation’s waterways is vital to supporting the continued expansion of chemical manufacturing in the United States and the economic growth that comes along with it.” – ACC President & CEO, Chris Jahn


American Council of Engineering Companies


“Infrastructure for flood protection, and transportation of goods through ports and waterways, has long been essential to the nation’s domestic welfare and global competitiveness. ACEC applauds the continuation of routine, predictable and strong bipartisan Congressional support for the nation’s water infrastructure. We strongly encourage the President to sign this bill into law without hesitation.” – ACEC President, Linda Bauer Darr


American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers


“We commend both the House and Senate for their bipartisan efforts to pass this new legislation and for their commitment to engaging with a broad range of stakeholders. It reinforces our commitment to modernizing U.S. maritime infrastructure – strengthening U.S. trade, enhancing our environmental conservation, and speeding the recovery of the American economy. We urge the president to quickly sign this bill into law so that the United States can immediately begin reaping the numerous benefits of an enhanced waterway infrastructure system.” – AFPM Senior Director of Petrochemicals, Transportation, and Infrastructure, Rob Benedict


American Petroleum Institute


“Ensuring a modern maritime infrastructure system that allows for the continued safe and reliable transport of the energy that American families and businesses use every day is integral to our country’s economic recovery. We’re pleased a bipartisan group of legislators in both the House and Senate recognize how important a healthy and safe waterway infrastructure system is to the country by passing this important piece of legislation. We urge the president to sign this bill quickly so that Americans can get to work modernizing this critical economic engine that helps maintain affordable energy access around the country.” – API Vice President of Midstream and Industry Operations, Robin Rorick


American Society of Civil Engineers


“Today was a win for our nation’s levees, dams, inland waterways, and ports, which are critical for keeping the economy moving and ensuring public safety. We are thrilled the Senate prioritized these systems by passing the bipartisan Water Resources Development Act of 2020, which includes many key elements, such as protecting communities from flooding and continuing to unlock the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF), which will allow $2 billion annually of the fund’s $10 billion balance to be spent on the needed dredging at our nation's ports and inland harbors—its intended purpose. Optimizing the HMTF is an important step in raising the nation’s “C+” ports grade. This legislation has long-received bipartisan support, so we hope the President acts swiftly to sign this legislation into law so we can work to modernize these vital water systems.” – ASCE Executive Director, Tom Smith


Associated General Contractors of America


“AGC commends Congress for passing the bipartisan Water Resources Development Act of 2020. Water resource infrastructure is critical to the U.S. economy and Americans’ quality of life. This legislation will address our nation’s aging system of inland waterways, coastal harbors and ports, locks and dams, flood control protections, and maintain a commitment to restore critical environmental areas of our country. AGC applauds Congress for continuing its practice of biennial water resources development acts, which is critical for all stakeholders involved in the planning and execution of water resources projects.” – AGC Vice President of Congressional Relations for Infrastructure Advancement, Murphie Barrett


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company


‘WRDA authorizes important new port and waterway projects and furthers important policy discussions such as beneficial use of dredged material and natural infrastructure. In addition, WRDA on a two year cycle provides consistency that encourages bipartisan support and keeps America’s water infrastructure expanding to support American jobs. We applaud Congress for passing WRDA and we’re hopeful the president will sign it into law quickly.” – GLDD Senior Vice President, Bill Hanson


International Liquid Terminals Association


“During this period of increased partisanship in Washington, we are particularly pleased to see lawmakers work together to fund the maintenance, construction and improvement of our nation’s harbors, inland waterways and ports. Water infrastructure is critical to facilitate the trade we will require to help our economy recover and position the nation for long-term growth.” – ILTA President, Kathryn Clay


National Association of Manufacturers


“Continued bipartisan support for water infrastructure through the Water Resources Development Act bolsters manufacturers’ confidence and supports our ongoing economic recovery. Passage of the legislation, and the ensuing two-year authorization of the program, is essential to our ability to deliver critical goods and supplies to customers across the country and is needed before year’s end. This commitment to the nation’s ports and inland water ways literally keeps our products moving, supports our efforts to battle COVID-19 and shores up America’s supply chains at a critical time in our history.” – NAM VP of Infrastructure, Innovation and Human Resources Policy, Robyn Boerstling


National Mining Association


“The mining industry strongly supports the bipartisan work in the House and the Senate to pass the Water Resources Development Act of 2020, which makes strong investments in our nation’s water infrastructure, ports and navigation systems. Through increased funding for dredging and port maintenance through the crucial Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, and additional system funding for the Inland Waterway Trust Fund, Congress has provided essential support for the safe, efficient transportation of American goods – including domestically-mined materials that are the heart of our manufacturing, energy, medical and defense supply chains – that can meet growing needs both at home and abroad. We encourage the president to quickly sign this important bill that will help underpin the nation’s economic recovery.” – NMA President and CEO, Rich Nolan


National Waterways Conference


“Many of our members are nonfederal sponsors of Corps civil works projects. Regular authorizations of WRDA allow the Corps to move forward with critical feasibility studies, projects and modifications to keep our communities competitive and strong. On behalf of NWC, we thank Congress for their leadership and commitment to our nation’s water infrastructure, as well as keeping your pledge to keep WRDA on a two-year authorization cycle.” –NWC President and CEO, Julie Ufner


North American Building Trades Union


“Our nation’s ports and inland waterways are vital to our national economy, and we are heartened that a bipartisan agreement to move a final WRDA bill was reached, maintaining the bi-annual WRDA cycle. NABTU members across the nation work to build critical infrastructure, and our waterways and ports are an important part of that multi-modal system. The funding in WRDA will allow for needed infrastructure repairs across the country, while creating good, middle-class sustaining construction jobs at a time in our nation where we need it most. In order to stimulate the economy, create jobs, strengthen our infrastructure, increase safety and our economic competitiveness, we support passage and full funding of this bill.” – NABTU President, Sean McGarvey


Waterways Council Inc.


“Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI) and its members are grateful that WRDA remained, and was passed, on a regular, biennial schedule. We are particularly appreciative of the inclusion in WRDA 2020 of a cost-share adjustment for construction of lock and dam infrastructure on our nation’s inland waterways. This critical policy improvement will more efficiently modernize our waterways for the benefit of American family farmers, our U.S. energy sector, the construction and labor industries, and those that enjoy recreation on our rivers.  We thank the leadership of the House Transportation and Infrastructure, and Senate Environment and Public Works Committees, and the entire Congress, for this important legislation.” – WCI President and CEO, Tracy Zea