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Robin Rorick's remarks at press call on new API emergency preparedness rail video

As prepared for delivery

API releases video to bolster emergency preparedness in crude by rail shipments
Robin Rorick, API midstream group director

Good morning, thank you for taking the time to join the call.

As Mike mentioned, my name is Robin Rorick and I am the director of the midstream group here at API.

Safety is a core value throughout the oil and natural gas industry. As the United States continues to lead the world in the production of oil and natural gas, our industry always strives toward our goal of zero incidents in all of our operations – including crude oil transported by rail.

Over the past five years, our nation has experienced over a 1500% percent increase in crude oil transported by rail. In 2015, 32 million barrels of crude oil were moved by rail. Even with this high volume, 99.997 percent of crude oil deliveries arrived without incident. Furthermore, since 1980 rail accidents resulting in a hazmat release have dropped 84 percent.

This track record is the result of the emphasis our industry places on safety … And we are always striving to do more to reach a zero incident goal in every aspect of our operations.

Reaching this goal takes a comprehensive effort by industry and regulators to put in place measures to protect first responders, our industry’s workforce, and the environment. Part of this effort started more than a year ago when API worked with our members, the Association of American Railroads and their members to develop a safety course to educate first responders as to the characteristics of crude oil and the rail cars it is shipped in, the response strategies that should be considered if crude oil is present, firefighting and spill response considerations, and the need for structured incident management.

The course, meant to complement existing training efforts for firefighters and other first responders is part of a voluntary national outreach effort that helps communities prepare for and respond to transportation incidents involving hazardous materials.

Today, API is releasing a video that will be available to first responders to help them bolster emergency preparedness should an incident occur involving crude oil moved by rail. The video gives first responders a look at specific tank car markings and other visual depictions of what to consider when responding to an incident, should one occur.

It is the latest in our industry’s efforts to promote safety and to achieve our goal of zero incidents by preventing and working to mitigate the impact of train derailments. The video and the course supplements firefighters’ and first responders’ training and provides additional information they can consider in order to take safe, appropriate action to protect their local communities.

Thank you for taking the time to call in today and I am happy to take your questions.