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Jack Gerard Press Conference Call on Power Past Impossible Ad Campaign

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Press call statement
Jack Gerard,
API President and CEO
Power Past Impossible campaign launch
February 6, 2017

Good Morning and thank you for joining me today.

Today, API is launching a new national advertising campaign highlighting the many different and important ways oil and natural gas benefit people’s daily lives. The “Power Past Impossible” campaign features a few of the countless products and technological advances made possible by natural gas and oil. From life-saving medical devices to cosmetics at the drug store, from plastics in our toys and cell phones to 3-D printers, “Power Past Impossible” demonstrates how natural gas and oil provide value beyond transportation fuels or cooking and heat.

Debuting the campaign during the Super Bowl is fitting considering the Super Bowl was in Houston this year. Houston is a global energy capital, and the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to highlight the city, as well as the men and women who work in the industry and contribute to U.S. energy leadership. The new campaign is focused on a broader public audience than previous campaigns, and no program matches the Super Bowl in its ability to reach an audience, particularly one that is as focused on commercials. Besides, so many of the products promoted during advertising’s biggest night would not be possible without oil and natural gas.

“Power Past Impossible” is the next step in API’s long running effort to raise energy awareness. Over the last ten years, through campaigns like “Vote4Energy,” API has focused on the important role the oil and natural gas industry plays in economic growth, job creation and energy security. With drivers saving more than $550 in fuel costs and household budgets growing by $1337 due to utility and other energy-related savings in 2015, Americans recognize the benefits of leading the world in oil and natural gas production and refining. And awareness is growing that the United States also leads the world in emission reductions thanks to clean-burning natural gas, investments in GHG-reducing technologies and refining advances that have produced cleaner-burning transportation fuels. Just five years ago, no one would have imagined the United States could increase production and refining of oil and natural gas while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, which are near 25 year lows. That’s just one way we’ve powered past the impossible, and the new campaign highlights the myriad other aspects of life in which natural gas and oil make the impossible, possible.

While our previous campaigns focused on policymakers and elected officials, our new campaign opens a broader conversation with all Americans about the reach and magnitude of natural gas and oil, the products that come from them, and their contributions to consumers’ everyday lives. “Power Past Impossible” will continue to raise energy awareness while expanding the scope to illustrate the central role oil and natural gas play in sparking invention, advancing technological breakthroughs and enabling a modern quality of life that is unsurpassed.

Through this multi-year, nationwide education and awareness campaign -- including digital, TV, radio and print advertising, as well as advocacy and outreach to our 35 million strong grassroots network – API’s goal for the next ten years is to raise awareness of the many ways oil and natural gas help Americans power past the impossible every single day.

Now I’ll be happy to take your questions.