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In Texas, everything is bigger – and energy production is no exception. Texas is the number one natural gas producer in the United States; in 2013, it produced an impressive 29 percent of America’s natural gas. This leading production is due to three large plays in Texas – Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford Shale and Haynesville Shale.

Texas Plays

In addition to contributing to the national economy, Texas’ oil and gas industry plays a mighty role in the success of local economies. The three shale plays have contributed more than $300 billion to the state’s economy. The oil and gas industry plays a large role in the state’s employment numbers, too. In 2013, the Texas oil and gas industry increased jobs by 6.1 percent, or about 24 new jobs each day. Oil and gas support nearly 2 million jobs, or 13.9 percent of the state’s total workforce.