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2016 API/AFPM Spring Operating Practices Symposium

Online Registration is Closed

When: May 18, 2016

Where: Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Open for Registration Details

Be sure to participate in the upcoming API/AFPM Operating Practices Symposium, which is jointly sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM). This uniquely important event is an industry-wide forum held semi-annually (in the spring and fall) for the exchange of information on safe operating procedures and sharing of "best practices" within refineries and petrochemical plants.

The full-day program includes various technical presentations highlighting the lessons learned from facility incidents or near misses, discussions on accident avoidance in operating plants, and overviews of recurring themes in our industry.

API and AFPM are joint hosts of the Operating Practices Symposium to spread industry lessons learned to a wide audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain information, first-hand, that is essential to your company’s success.

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The following topics (subject to change) are currently planned for the Operating Practices Symposium agenda.

  • Utility Contamination with Hydrocarbon and Detonation
  • Sulfur Tank Fire
  • FCC Reactor Event
  • Incident Investigations & Role of Human Reliability/Human Factors
  • Toolbox #1 - Wireless Flow Sensors to Support LOPC Reduction
  • Toolbox #2 - Flare Line Pluggage
  • API Site Assessment Program - Review of Results - Focus on MI
  • Tank Overfill Incident
  • Shell Investigation Methodology with Focus on Understanding the Human System
  • Toolbox #5 - Tube Leak in Crude Unit Heater - PMI Issue
  • Toolbox #4 - H2S Release During New Tank Commissioning
  • External Floating Roof Flooding
  • Flare Drum Incident During Blind Removal
  • Hydrocracker Main Fractionator Bottoms Piping Failure
  • Temporary Leak Repair
  • Toolbox #5 - Hydrocarbon Release During Tank Maintenance
  • Electrical Tracing Causes Line Failure and Fire
  • Scaffolding Incident at Corpus Christi Refinery
  • Furnace Plugging Incident
  • Light Hydrocarbon Release on Crude Unit Start-Up at Ponca City Refinery
  • Thermal Expansion in Double-Seated Block Valve Causes Failure and Fire


API/AFPM Operating Practices Symposium: Ron Chittim, 202-682-8176 or
Logistical Information: Arnetta Smith, 202-682-8149 or
Registration: Brittany Morrow, 202-682-8195 or
AFPM Membership: 202-457-0480

Participation Criteria

Symposium attendees don’t have to be members of API or AFPM. However, the symposium is open only to representatives of refining and petrochemical operating companies.

Symposium participants are those responsible for gathering incident/near miss information and disseminating lessons-learned within their companies. API and AFPM will answer any questions about registrants not meeting the Participation Criteria. In such a case, the person registering will be contacted to confirm that the Participation Criteria are met.

Who Should Attend

Those who benefit most include vice presidents, senior managers, and their representatives from refining/petrochemical companies. Others who will find great value by participating are managers responsible for plant operations and maintenance – as well as "best practice" team leaders and PSM/safety experts.

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Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Online Reservations
Call: 888-421-1442 or 402-592-6464
Room Rate: $275 Single or Double Occupancy, Mention American Petroleum Institute group rate
Reservation Deadline: April 25, 2016 or until room block is sold out