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2017 Exploration and Production Winter Standards Meeting

Online Registration is Closed, Please Register Onsite

When: January 16, 2017 - January 20, 2017

Where:J.W. Marriott Austin, Austin, Texas

Open for Registration Details

Preliminary Program

This is an invaluable opportunity to be a part of how the U.S. petroleum industry develops and maintains state-of-the-art standards for the fabrication of pipe and tubular goods. As well as technical sessions for two API groups that lead the industry in developing and maintaining state-of-the-art standards for oil well cements and drilling and completion fluids, tubular goods and quality programs.

Reason for Attending

  • You will have access to technical committee meetings covering API standards and best practices used throughout the industry to promote safe and environmentally sound operations.
  • You will learn about the latest research and development on refining process equipment, including future R&D efforts that may benefit your business in the long run.
  • You will have many opportunities to make contacts with your colleagues and establish new business connections.


Registration: 202-682-8195 or
Membership status: 202-682-8475
Logistics or Sponsorship: Arnetta Smith, 202-682-8149 or
Program: David Miller, 202-682-8159 or 
Program: Roland Goodman, 202-682-8571 or

Preliminary Program

Program will include

  • Well Control Systems
  • Task Groups on Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and Line Pipe
  • Work Group on Sour Service Products and other topics
  • Resource Groups on Coiled Tubular Goods, Threading and Gauging, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Well Cements
  • Drilling, Completion and Fracturing Fluids
  • Quality Programs
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Well Control (SC16) will address:
  • Drill-through Equipment
  • Repair and Remanufacture of Drill-through Equipment
  • Choke and Kill Systems
  • Control Systems for Well Control and Diverter Equipment
  • Marine Drilling Riser Equipment
  • BOP Equipment Systems
  • Diverter Systems
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Oil Well Cements (SC 10) will address:
  • Testing Well Cements
  • Well Cement Manufacturing Specifications
  • Casing Centralizers
  • Cementing Float Equipment
  • Cement Sheath Evaluation
  • Shrinkage and Expansion in Oil Well Cements
  • Worldwide Cementing Practices
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Drilling Fluid Materials (SC 13) will address:
  • Standard Procedures for Field Testing Both Water-Based and Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
  • Drilling Fluid Material Specification
  • Evaluation of Drilling Fluid Processing Systems
  • Rheology and Hydraulics of Oil Well Drilling Fluids
  • Procedures for Lab Testing of Drilling Fluids
  • Testing Heavy Brines
  • Chemical Analysis of Barite
  • Measuring the Viscous Properties of Cross-linked Water-Based Fracturing Fluid

Who Should Attend

Members of API Exploration and Production Standards Committees and Subcommittees. The meeting should also be of interest to:
  • Manufacturers of Marine Drilling Riser Equipment
  • Manufacturers of Drill-through Equipment
  • Users of Well Control Equipment
  • Users of Marine Drilling Riser Systems
  • Manufacturers of Cement
  • Users of Well Cement
  • Manufacturers of Drilling Fluids
  • Users of Drilling Fluids
  • Personnel of Drilling Mud Companies
  • Personnel of Service & Supply Companies
  • People involved in construction and non-destructive testing of pipelines and related facilities
  • People involved in construction of casing and tubing
Industry professionals who are likely to benefit by attending the meeting include:
  • Engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Equipment and material buyers
  • Environmental and safety professionals
  • Technical advisors

Sponsor an Attendee

Share your standards expertise with the next generation of oil and natural gas professionals by providing a complimentary registration. The cost is free and your sponsored attendee is welcomed at all 2017 API Standards meetings.

Complimentary registration is limited to first-time attendees only. Those persons must be sponsored, and accompanied, by a prior API standards meeting participant from the same company. Pre-registration is required. All hotel and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant/attendee. You may only register two sponsored attendees, and on-site registration cannot be accepted for them.

Sponsor Application and Agreement

Exhibitor Application and Agreement

Fax to 202-682-8222 

Application Deadline: December 19, 2016

Artwork Deadline: December 2, 2016

Information for Sponsors and Exhibitors - This contains information on deadline, setup, display hours, shipping details, etc.

On-Site Program Ad Specifications


Opportunity  Cost Availability Sponsor
Monday Breakfast/General Session $3,500 5 Available
Central Coffee/Refreshment Breaks $2,500 5 Available
Networking Break (Monday) $1,500 SOLD Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies
Networking Break (Tuesday) $1,500 Available
Reception $3,500 5 Available
Spouse/Guest Breakfasts $500 Available
Registration Lanyards $5,000 SOLD Mechanical Testing Services
Registration Bags $6,000 Available
Mobile Device Power Banks $5,000 Available  
Meeting WiFi  $3,000 5 Available
On-Site Program  $5,000  Available


ASTM International

Laserstream, L.P.

Materials Development Corporation



Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Spouse/Guest Activities

  • Monday: Spend the Day with LBJ
  • Tuesday: Fredericksburg - Shop and Lunch
Spouse/Guest Program - Description of Activities

Spouses/guests may also attend the reception on Wednesday evening at no additional cost.  A badge is required for admittance and may be obtained from the API Registration Desk.

Spouse/Guest Fees

For split transactions, please complete the registration form.

Deadline: December 28, 2016

Substitutions, Cancellations and Refunds: Spouse/guest refunds will be granted at 50%.

  By Dec. 28
Spouse/Guest Breakfast and Activities - 2 Days $225
Spouse/Guest Breakfast Only - 2 Days $100
Spouse/Guest Breakfast and Activity - 1 Day  $175 
Spouse/Guest Breakfast Only - 1 Day  $50

Guidelines for Participation

  • On-site registration will be based on availability only and cannot be guaranteed.
  • The order and type of the activities listed are subject to change. Notification will be given.
  • A spouse/guest refers to a spouse or personal friend, not a business associate or staff colleague. The spouse/guest registration fee may not be applied to anyone who wishes to attend meetings.
  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Before participation can begin, the spouse will be asked to sign a general waiver of liability.


Christy Howard, Christy Hill Events, Inc at or Arnetta Smith at
JW Marriott Austin
110 East 2nd Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Online Reservations
Call: 844-473-3959
Room Rate: $219 single or double occupancy until 5 pm local time at the hotel on December 28, 2016.  
Reservation Deadline: December 28, 2016. After this date and time, reservation requests will be accepted on a space available basis at the group rate.