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2020 Exploration And Production Standards Conference On Oilfield Equipment And Materials

When: June 29, 2020 - July 03, 2020

Where: Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington, DC

The development of consensus standards is one of API’s oldest and most successful programs. The Upstream segment covers over 300 standards. The breadth of this vital program is an important indication of the varied industry contacts that attendees can make during the sessions and networking opportunities.

Reason for Attending

  • You will be able to keep up with the latest ideas and technologies, gain knowledge, and stay technically competent, while helping to keep industry advances rolling out. 
  • Participate in a proven method of information exchange about problems and opportunities, sharing knowledge with international experts. 
  • Learn the “story behind the standard” or the reasoning and perspective that let you apply industry specifications with sound judgment.


Registration: 202-682-8195 or
Membership status: 202-682-8475
Logistics or Sponsorship: Arnetta Smith, 202-682-8149 or
Program: David Miller, 202-682-8159 or 
Program: Roland Goodman, 202-682-8571 or

Program will include

Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Tubular Goods (SC 5) will address:

  • Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
  • Line pipe
  • Drill stem elements
  • Threading, gauging, and compounds
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Performance properties
  • Coiled tubular goods
  • Sour Service Products

Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Drilling Structures and Equipment (SC 8) will address:

  • Drilling structures
  • Drilling equipment
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Wire rope and roller chain
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Oil Well Cements (SC 10) will address:

  • Well Cements testing
  • Well Cement Manufacturing Specifications
  • Casing Centralizers
  • Cementing Float Equipment
  • Cement Sheath Evaluation
  • Shrinkage and Expansion in Oil Well Cements
  • Worldwide Cementing Practices
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Drilling Fluid Materials (SC 13) will address:

  • Standard Procedures for Field Testing Both Water-Based and Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
  • Drilling Fluid Material Specification
  • Evaluation of Drilling Fluid Processing Systems
  • Rheology and Hydraulics of Oil Well Drilling Fluids
  • Procedures for Lab Testing of Drilling Fluids
  • Testing Heavy Brines
  • Chemical Analysis of Barite
  • Measuring the Viscous Properties of Cross-linked Water-Based Fracturing Fluid

Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Well Control (SC16) will address:

  • Drill-through Equipment
  • Repair and Remanufacture of Drill-through Equipment
  • Choke and Kill Systems
  • Control Systems for Well Control and Diverter Equipment
  • Marine Drilling Riser Equipment
  • BOP Equipment Systems
  • Diverter Systems
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Quality (SC 18) will address:

  • Manufacturing quality management systems
  • Service and supply quality management systems 
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Supply Chain Management (SC 20) will address:
  • Qualification of suppliers of products and services (castings, forgings, bolts, NDE, Heat treating, etc.)
Meetings of the API Subcommittee on Supply Chain Management (SC 21) will address:

  • Reviewing materials-related standards work developed by the upstream standards subcommittees
  • Identifying topics and trends on upstream materials-related needs

Who Should Attend

Members of API Exploration and Production Standards Committees and Subcommittees. The meeting should also be of interest to:
  • Users and manufacturers of oil country tublar goods
  • Users and manufacturers of Drill-through and well control equipment
  • Users and manufacturers of well cement
  • Users and manufacturers of Drilling Fluids
  • Users and manufacturers of drilling and hoisting equipment
  • Users and manufacturers of subsea production systems
  • Materials engineers
  • Quality management system professionals
  • Supply chain management and professionals

Sponsor an Attendee

Share your standards expertise with the next generation of oil and natural gas professionals by providing a complimentary registration. The cost is free and your sponsored attendee is welcomed at all 2019 API Standards meetings.

Complimentary registration is limited to first-time attendees only. Those persons must be sponsored, and accompanied, by a prior API standards meeting participant from the same company. Pre-registration is required. All hotel and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant/attendee. You may only register two sponsored attendees, and on-site registration cannot be accepted for them.