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2020 Hazardous Liquids Reporting Workshop

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When: January 14, 2020 - January 14, 2020

Where:RCP Inc., Houston, Texas

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On Tuesday, January 14 2020, API and AOPL’s Data Mining Team will be hosting a Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Reporting Workshop. Please plan to participate. 

For those new to Pipeline Strategic Data Tracking System (previously known as PPTS), this will be an incredible opportunity to find out more about the revamped reporting system, learn about PHMSA IPEs, ask those questions that make reporting difficult, discover the importance of accurate reporting, as well as meet members of the Data Mining Team.  

For those who are PPTS veterans, this is a chance to find out what is new to PSDTS and PHMSA, discuss ways we can make PSDTS better and more efficient, and learn what is new to industry.

For Pipeline Engineers who track and provide the data requested by PHMSA and API, here is your chance to discover how the data is used, and discuss how we can improve the data collection process.
If you deal with pipeline data, this workshop is for you 


If you have additional questions on the webinar, please contact Adebukola Adeiya (