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2020 Virtual Pipeline SMS Workshop

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When: October 05, 2020 - October 08, 2020

Where: API Virtual Event

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Since publication in 2015, the liquid and gas pipeline industry has worked collaboratively over the last five years in a systematic, integrated, comprehensive, and proactive approach to implementing API Recommended Practice (RP) 1173, Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS), which is a foundation for pipeline safety performance and culture improvements.  The work of the industry on PSMS has not gone unnoticed, as stated by NTSB Member Homendy, “In developing  that standard API didn’t just address our recommendation API exceeded our recommendation”.

As pipeline operators all over the North America embark on and continue to mature in their SMS journey, there have been recognized challenges operators have had to overcome as well as successes that have been instrumental in safety performance and culture improvements.  A key process in the success in furthering PSMS maturity within the liquid and gas pipeline industry, has come from Industry consistent PSMS tools, resources, training (located at, and most importantly the sharing of real-world implementation experiences across the liquid and gas pipeline industry.  A cornerstone PSMS sharing event for the pipeline industry has been the Annual Pipeline SMS Industry Team Workshop, where operators across the entire oil and gas pipeline industry have the opportunity to learn from each other by sharing experiences, lessons learned, and proactive approaches to implementation across their organizations. 

The 2020 Pipeline SMS Workshop recognizes the same important sharing of real-world practices and approaches for implementation.  Over the course of 5 days, attendees will hear from over fifteen (15) PSMS practitioners on their experiences in implementation of five (5) critical PSMS elements identified through the 2019 annual survey as most challenging. These include Operational Controls (element 8), Risk Management (element 7), Stakeholder Engagement (element 6), Documentation and Record Keeping (element 14), and Management Review and Continuous Improvement (element 11). 

Due to the current situation with the COVID19 Pandemic, this year’s workshop will be held in a virtual format.   

If you are interested in attending any or all of the sessions, you can register here.  For additional conference information or issues with registration, please contact

Operational Controls

Monday, October 5, 11 am – 1 pm CT
Learn how industry SMS experts navigate the implementation of Operational Controls, Element 8. Liquid and gas operators will examine topics of system integrity, management of change and use of contractors.
Moderator: Jeff McGill, Energy Transfer

Operator Testimonials from:

  • Brian Roy, Holyoke Gas & Electric (Gas Distribution Operator)
  • TBD (Gathering or Gas/Liquid Transmission)
  • TBD (Use of Contractors)

Stakeholder Engagement

Tuesday, October 6, 11 am – 1 pm CT
Implementation experts will walk participants through Stakeholder Engagement, Element 6, to best implement internal and external engagement programs.
Moderator:  Miriam Kuhn, MPL

Operator Testimonials from:

  • Misty Phillips, MPL (Liquid Transmission Operator)
  • Brian Kretz, Black Hills Energy (Gas or Liquid Transmission Operator)
  • Jeanne Cardin, Southwest Gas (Gas Distribution Operator)

Documentation & Record Keeping

Wednesday, October 7, 11 am – 1 pm CT
Facilitators will provide lessons learned and proactive approaches to Documentation & Record Keeping, Element 14, including control of records and PSMS documents.
Moderator: Stephen Mayfield, City of Tallahassee

Operator Testimonials from:

  • Jennifer Long, Plains All American (Liquid Transmission Operator)
  • Lauren Gilliland, Xcel Energy (Gas Distribution Operator)
  • TBD (Gas Transmission Operator)

Risk Management/Management Review & Continuous Improvement

Thursday, October 8, 11 am – 1 pm CT
During this session, participants will learn from industry experts on Risk Management, Element 7. Participants will share experiences and lessons around data gathering, risk identification and assessment, risk prevention and mitigation and risk management review.

In the Management Review & Continuous Improvement session, Element 11, attendees will learn about input and output requirements and continuous improvement from industry experts.
Moderator: Shannon Guterson, TC Energy

Operator Testimonials from:

  • Eric Belle, NiSource (Gas Distribution Operator)
  • Shannon McClure, Plains All American (Gas and Liquid Transmission Operator)