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Midstream Committees

The API Committee on Petroleum Measurement (COPM) provides leadership in developing and maintaining cost effective, state of the art, hydrocarbon measurement standards and programs based on sound technical principles consistent with current measurement technology, recognized business accounting and engineering practices, and industry consensus. This is accomplished through the committee's and API’s leadership role in the national and international standardization community in the development, publication, promotion, and revision of petroleum measurement standards, through its subcommittee structure, and through elimination of duplicative efforts.

Committee on Evaporation Loss Estimation (CELE)

  • Evaporation Loss, MPMS Chapter 19

Committee on Gas Fluids Measurement (COGFM)​

  • Natural Gas Fluids Measurement, MPMS Chapter 14
  • Electronic Gas Measurement, MPMS Chapter 21.1
  • Testing Protocols, MPMS Chapter 22 (Joint with COLM)

Committee on Liquid Measurement (COLM)

  • Tank Calibration, MPMS Chapter 2
  • Tank Gauging, MPMS Chapter 3
  • Proving Systems, MPMS Chapter 4
  • Metering, MPMS Chapter 5
  • Metering Assemblies, MPMS Chapter 6
  • Calculation of Petroleum Quantities, MPMS Chapter 12
  • Statistical Aspects of Measuring and Sampling, MPMS Chapter13
  • Measurement by Weight, MPMS Chapter 16
  • Custody Transfer/Crude by Truck, MPMS Chapter 18 (Joint with COMQ)
  • Flow Measurement- Electronic Liquid Measurement, MPMS Chapter 21.2
  • Testing Protocols, MPMS Chapter 22 (Joint with COGFM)

Committee on Measurement Accountability (COMA)

  • Marine Measurement, MPMS, Chapter 17
  • Loss Control of Petroleum and Petroleum Products Involving all Modes of Transportation

Committee on Measurement Quality (COMQ)

  • Temperature Determination, MPMS Chapter 7
  • Sampling, MPMS Chapter 8
  • Density Determination, MPMS Chapter 9
  • Sediment & Water Determination, MPMS Chapter 10
  • Physical Properties, MPMS Chapter 11
  • Use of SI Units, MPMS Chapter 15
  • Custody Transfer/Crude by Truck, MPMS Chapter 18 (Joint with COLM)

Committee on Production Measurement & Allocation (CPMA)

  • Production Measurement and Allocation, MPMS Chapter 20

Committee on Measurement Education & Training (COMET)

The Rail Standards Committee (RSC) is responsible for developing, maintaining, approving, and interpreting API standards on rail transportation (including rail-related operations, tank cars, product handling, and transload activities) of petroleum and petroleum products.

API rail standards whose scopes include measurement techniques only are the responsibility of the Committee on Petroleum Measurement (COPM). Coordination between COPM and RSC will be required for these standards.

The API Pipeline Standards Task Groups are dedicated to developing, revising, and approving standards for us in the pipeline and related sectors of the oil and gas industry. The documents that are developed and maintained by the sectors address topics of safety, integrity,operations and maintenance of existing and new pipelines, as well as covering current technologies, codes and regulations, and key issues relevant to today's market. Document development is led by recognized industry experts in order to incorporate topics on proven techniques and best practices for pipeline design, construction and integrity management. These subject matter experts come from operating companies, engineering firms, vendors, consultants, academia, and both state and federal regulators.

Specific areas of focus address activities that are both regulatory and non-regulatory in nature, including integrity management, public awareness, control room management, SCADA systems, design and testing, underground storage facilities, emergency response, construction and inspection, operator qualifications, and safety management.