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Upstream Oil and Gas Fundamentals - Energy Management Institute


When: November 08, 2017 - November 09, 2017

Where: Denver, CO

Energy Management Institute

Course Highlights:

Join EMI for an introduction to the upstream petroleum industry. This course will introduce you to the formation of oil and gas, then move on to how exploration and reservoir engineering activities bring the oil and gas to surface, and finally end up with at how the surface facilities operate just ahead of the sales transaction point. You will learn about risks, technologies, investment decisions and operations in one of the world's most important industries. Attendees will learn fundamental petroleum geology and exploration principles which provide the foundation for drilling, reservoir development and production concepts.

Course Highlights:

  • The four requirements for an oil and gas reservoir.
  • Land lease acquisition and obligations of the operator.
  • Exploration program planning and goals.
  • Geologic risk and how it is quantified.
  • Drilling and how a well is planned.
  • Vertical vs. directional vs. horizontal drilling choices.
  • Reservoir engineering to optimize the recovery.
  • The theory of peak oil production.

Who Should Attend:

  • New employees in the upstream industry.
  • Upstream service companies.
  • Upstream suppliers.
  • Refiners and pipeliners.
  • Investors, analysts and regulators.

For More Information:

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