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Energy is Powering Past Impossible

Print: SOAE 2018

Print: Jack Gerard's Speech as prepared for delivery

Powering past impossible – that’s what natural gas and oil help Americans do every day. They are the leading fuels for our modern economy, and they furnish the molecular building blocks for products that Americans use throughout their day – from smartphones to fabrics to lifesaving pharmaceuticals. They’re also essential to technologies and innovations that help solve some of society’s greatest challenges. They make us safer and healthier. They provide pathways to a brighter future. Today’s natural gas and oil industry is smart, high-tech and is essential to an advancing society.

More than 10.3 million Americans go to work each day at jobs supported by natural gas and oil. These include men and women who work directly for the industry and people who work indirectly for industry in its long, 50-state supply chain. It also includes induced jobs, which depend in some way on the spending of industry and its employees – everything from grocery stores to clothing retailers to pharmacies and more.

Industry's workers are committed to safely supplying our country with the energy it needs for commerce, prosperity and security.

That’s because energy is critical to meeting challenges, both here at home and across the globe. Energy is the difference maker, the power for learning, computing and inventing. It’s an essential element to lift entire societies from poverty. Energy lights homes and fuels clean cooking facilities. Products made from natural gas and oil enhance the health of entire communities. Energy-rich and versatile, natural gas and oil make our lives better.

The Top Five:

How Natural Gas & Oil are Powering Past Impossible

  1. Powering Innovation
  2. Powering Environmental Progress
  3. Powering The Economy
  4. Powering Manufacturing
  5. Powering Communities