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API continues to closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation. In these uncertain times, our top priorities are safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our staff and attendees while continuing to support our members and customers. As a result, we have decided to host our conferences in a virtual format this Spring and Summer. Minor adjustments have been made to accommodate a virtual environment, but you can expect the same invaluable content API has provided for years.

Please view the Calendar of Events for updates.

API events are dedicated to standards development, networking, and open discussion on industry topics. Our meetings bring together the most knowledgeable minds in the oil and gas industry and create a forum for discussing issues that are important to industry professionals and their companies.

Calendar of Events

View our calendar to find an API meeting, conference, or workshop near you.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Gain Industry Visibility

API is involved in all segments of the oil and natural gas industry, including exploration, production, pipeline, marine, and refining. This gives sponsors and exhibitors at API events a unique opportunity to meet professionals working in various industry operations. Whether you want to demonstrate cutting-edge technology, interact with future customers and new contacts, or compete with industry peers, there is no better place than an API event.

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor or Exhibitor

Sponsorship of an API meeting, conference, or workshop is a targeted, cost-effective avenue for making connections.

Benefits include:

  • Exposure to industry buyers, decision-makers, and leaders in their respective fields
  • Promotion of your name and product identity
  • Traffic to your booth and website from new customers
  • Demonstration to colleagues and customers that you are aligned with API and an overall industry supporter

Our surveys of meeting attendees indicate that it is an important benefit to learn from sponsors and exhibitors while attending API events. Don’t miss the opportunity to show attendees first-hand how you can help optimize their competitive edge.

To register to become a sponsor or exhibitor, visit the API Calendar of Events, select the meeting of interest, then print and submit the application form.