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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why become certified?

    API certification is the most desirable and trusted credential in the petrochemical industry. Obtaining API certification increases your marketability and earning potential and makes you a highly regarded professional in the field.

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  • What does API certification mean?

    API certification means that an individual has met all the requirements of a given certification program, including passing a difficult professional test.

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  • What if my desired testing location is not on the Prometric site list?

    In the event that there is not a computer testing center located within 200 miles (320 km) of your desired location, ICP allows you to request a special exam site for groups of 12 applicants or more where exams will be delivered on paper.

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  • What if my desired Prometric testing center does not have any available seats?

    All Prometric computer testing centers operate on the first come-first served basis; and you will be competing for your test spot with other API applicants, as well as with applicants from other organizations. To ensure that you obtain an exam seat of your preference, please schedule your exam immediately upon receiving your Exam Authorization Notice email. If you are trying to schedule your test at least 2 months prior to the testing window and no seats are available, please contact ICP customer service at 202-682-8064.

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  • Can I change my testing location after I am registered to take the examination?

    Please visit Prometric website at www.prometric.com/APIexams where you may reschedule your exam appointment to another day or another location within the same multiple-day testing window up to 5 days before your scheduled test date. Prometric-generated fees may apply. See Scheduling & Taking an Exam.

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  • How often are the examinations given?

    In general, each ICP program offers three multiple-day testing windows per year. View the Exam Schedule. There is an exception for 2014, with API 510 and 570 offered only twice, due to the transition period.

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  • When will examination results be announced?

    Approximately eight weeks after taking the examination you will receive an official Examination Score Report. Score reports are generated by Prometric and e-mailed to your current e-mail address. If you have submitted a complete application with the appropriate certification fee and passed the examination, you will receive a wallet card and hard-copy certificate from API approximately six weeks after receipt of your score report.

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  • Are the API examinations graded on a curve?

    No. Marking on a "curve" means that you are comparing the scores of one candidate to all other candidates who took the examination and then assigning grades or passing status according to a fixed percentage. The implication is that whether an individual passes the examination or not might depend on the ability level (or preparation) of all the other candidates who took the examination. This would not be fair for a credentialing examination.

    For API 510, 570, 653, TES and 936 programs API uses a statistical method called "equating" to score the examinations. The original passing point of the examination is set by a committee of experts and it represents an absolute standard of knowledge (the minimum amount that a competent inspector should know in order to be certified). Each examination has different questions in it. The equating process then adjusts the passing point of each examination to compensate for differences in the difficulty level of those questions. Thus, the passing point always represents the minimum knowledge required and the absolute knowledge standard is held constant. The test results of candidates only reflect whether they have this minimum amount of knowledge or not. Passing the examination is not affected by any other candidate's performance.

    For API 571, 577, 580 and SI programs the passing point is set at 70%.

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  • How are the API 510, 570 and 653 scored?

    These exams now contain 125 scored questions, plus 25 questions that will not be scored, otherwise known as "pretest" questions. Learn more about Pretest Questions

    All exam grading will still be based on the number of correct responses. The minimum number of correct responses required to achieve a passing score is established based on the 125 scored items only.

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  • What happens if I fail to show up for the examination?

    API grants each candidate 12 months to pass an exam, which begins with the first scheduled exam date. If you fail to show up, or cancel your exam, you may reschedule to another testing window, and pay a rescheduling fee. If you reach the end of your 12-month period and still have not taken or passed your exam, you will have to submit a “new” application and pay the “new” application fee, rather than another reschedule fee. See ICP 2014 Fees

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