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API QUTE - Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing Examiners (Detection) Program

Program Scope

1. The scope of this program focuses on the detection and characterization of defects associated with welds in carbon steel or low alloy materials. In particular, defect population may include porosity, lack of fusion, incomplete penetration, center line cracking, root cracks, side wall crack, toe crack, slag, or placebos.

2. The test is conducted over a 1 day, 8-hour period.

3. UT flaw detection and characterization performance demonstration test covers plate and pipe geometries in the 0.5 to 1-inch thickness range. 
  • For the plate geometry, both single and double Vee welds are included. 
  • On the 8 and 12 inch pipe geometry, only single Vee welds are included. Approximately 75 linear inches of weld are presented for inspection and documentation. 

4. The candidate will be expected to detect flaws, position them with respect to the weld, identify and sketch the flaw position within the weld. 

Candidate Orientation (A Must Read)

This contains all the information you need to have regarding the following:
1. Testing Protocol
2. Samples' geometry and presentation
3. Grading criteria
4. Equipment requirements
5. Required paperwork
6. Security
7. Other frequently asked questions

Test Procedures
1. Procedure API-UT-1 defines the minimum mandatory requirements for the API Qualification of Ultrasonic Examiners Certification Program, including equipment, calibration and recording your test results.
2. Procedure API-UT-2 describes the recommended techniques for the exam candidates.

Exam Report Forms

Below are the actual forms that will be used in the examination. We strongly encourage you to closely examine these materials in preparation for the examination. 
1. Calibration Data Sheet
2. Equipment Inventory List
3. Exam Single V Report Form
4. Exam Double V Report Form