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API Standard 650 - Welded Steel Tanks for Fuel Storage

When: February 25, 2013 - March 01, 2013
Where: Owings Mills, MD

Presented by Datanet Engineering, INC


This one week course delves into the very complex world of large field erected fuel storage tanks built under API Standard 650.  This is a technical design class for aboveground closed and open top welded steel storage tanks operated under atmospheric pressure reviewing:  1) materials, 2) design, 3) fabrication, 4) erection and 5) testing.

Course Highlights:

This class will not focus on specific size tanks for typical applications.  Instead, it will go through the complete design process for preparing plans and specifications for any size tank for the storage of combustible and flammable liquids. 

The course is not limited to the major provisions of API Standard 650.  It will also review in detail all of the document including its 18 separate appendices.  These other critical sections involve topics from pontoon supported roofs and low pressure tanks to some shop fabricated tanks and under bottom connections to tank on grade.

Students attending this course should be knowledgeable of fuel system basics for aboveground tank sites.  There are many example problems which will be discussed in class.  Some homework problems and outside reading assignments are also included in the curriculum. 

Topics that are covered in this API 650 training class include:

  • Module 1       Introduction
  • Module 2       Materials
  • Module 3       Design
  • Module 4       Fabrication
  • Module 5       Inspection
  • Module 6       Welding, Marking and Name Plates

Who should attend:

  • Engineers and Owners responsible for design or operation of large field erected aboveground fuel storage tanks.

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Gary Boley, Engineer & Senior Inspector of InterSpec, LLC of Virginia Beach

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