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See the American Petroleum Institute’s news releases by date or by topic.

Testimony and Speeches

See notable testimony by API spokespersons on energy issues.


See API letters and comments regarding government regulations and policies that impact the oil and natural gas industry.

Industry Advertisements

See television, radio, print and online advertisements by the American Petroleum Institute.

Informational Primers

API has assembled informational primers to show the integral role the oil and natural gas industry plays in the American economy and quality of life.


Find out more about the oil and natural gas industry with these easy-to-read infographics and charts. 

Hurricane Information

API helps the oil and natural gas industry gain a better understanding of the environmental conditions in and around the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane or tropical storm activity and then aids it to use that knowledge to make offshore and onshore facilities less vulnerable. API also collaborates with member companies, other industries and with federal, state and local governments to prepare for hurricanes and return operations as quickly and as safely as possible.

Multimedia Center

In response to requests from the news media, API now is offering audio clips and stock footage via the Internet. They are available through API’s Media Center (1-202-682-8114) or via the NewsMarket at http://www.thenewsmarket.com/api/ . New audio and video will be made available as events warrant.

Media Contacts

API’s Media Department is here to help journalists set up interviews, find general or specific information about current oil and natural gas industry issues, or connect them with the appropriate person or department inside API to help with their queries.