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More collaboration needed on EPA hydraulic fracturing study

WASHINGTON, July 10, 2012 – API senior policy advisor Stephanie Meadows told reporters this morning that more collaboration was needed on EPA’s study on hydraulic fracturing and drinking water. She said a new Battelle Memorial Institute report concluded that the study could be enhanced in several ways, including encouraging more stakeholder collaboration. API and America’s Natural Gas Alliance sponsored the Battelle report:

“Battelle’s analysis of the plan for EPA’s study reinforces many of our previously stated concerns about the study and raises new ones. It finds deficiencies in the rigor, funding, focus and stakeholder inclusiveness of the plan.

“We intend Battelle’s report to be – and hope the agency sees it as – our continued interest in working together to produce the most scientifically sound study possible.

“A robust, thorough, careful study is important because it has the potential to affect the future course of shale energy development, which has enormous potential for improving our energy security and economy for decades to come.

“We’re not calling on EPA to stop its study. We’re calling on them to do it right. We hope Battelle’s analysis will encourage that.”

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