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The State of the Offshore U.S. Oil and Gas Industry: An in-depth study of the outlook of the industry investment flows offshore

Deepwater permits in the Gulf of Mexico are currently being issued at less than half the rate compared with pre‐moratorium levels, and shallow water permits are being issued at rates 40 percent lower. In 2011, the U.S. is projected to account for only 6 percent, or $8.9 billion, of global offshore oil and gas investment valued at $146 billion. Considering the discovered and undiscovered resources in place in the Gulf of Mexico, this figure of 6 percent is far lower than would be expected. Prior to the moratorium, the U.S. was projected to account for 12 percent of worldwide offshore oil and natural gas investment in 2011, which is much more in‐line with the offshore resource base in the Gulf of Mexico.