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    U.S. Crude Oil Exports

    Consumers are among the first to benefit from free trade, and crude oil is no exception. Gasoline costs are tied to a global market; additional crude oil exports could help increase supplies, put downward pressure on the prices at the pump and create more jobs right here at home.
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  • Our Energy Tomorrow: An Interactive Guide to the Future of Energy

    Welcome to the Future of Energy! There are lots of opinions about how we should power our world in the coming decades, but how do you separate fact from fiction? This unique web experience is designed to let you explore many possible futures, using information from the federal Energy Information Administration.
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  • The Impacts of U.S. Crude Oil Exports

    A new state-by-state analysis shows that 18 U.S. states could gain over 5,000 jobs each in 2020 from exports of U.S. crude oil. The U.S. is poised to become the world’s largest oil producer, and access to foreign customers will create economic opportunities across the country.
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  • Energy Works Map - Oil and Natural Gas Jobs by State

    The U.S. oil and natural gas industry supports more than 9 million jobs nationwide, supports over 7% of GDP, and contributes more than $86 million to the Federal Treasury every day.
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    Recipe for Disaster for American Energy

    Ingredients include regulations that could increase the cost of gasoline, create obstacles to domestic energy production and lead to higher taxes.
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  • Energy Policy at a Glance

    See the many ways energy policy is important to U.S. consumers, economy, and energy security in this brochure.
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  • SOTU Thinking Game - t

    State of the Union Thinking Game

    Think Jobs. Think Growth. Think Security. Think Energy.

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  • Energy Security

    With current global uncertainty and turmoil in oil and natural gas producing regions, America needs to regain control of its energy future by increasing oil and natural gas production here at home.
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    Energy Works for America

    The economic benefits from America’s oil and natural gas industry are vast and undeniable, in 2011 the industry supported more than 9.8 million jobs, 600,000 more jobs than it supported just two years earlier. Oil and natural gas industry operations supported 8.4 million full- and part-time jobs nationally, while its capital investment supported another 1.4 million jobs.
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  • Oil & Natural Gas Transportation & Storage Infrastructure Study

    Relative to today’s production realities, the existing energy transportation system is virtually upside down, and righting it will eliminate costly inefficiencies as well as generate substantial economic growth. 
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