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  • Industry Tax Increases in the Administration's FY2016 Budget

    The Administration’s FY2016 Budget includes proposals that again target the U.S. oil and natural gas industry for tax increases. Between proposed tax reform “reserves” and other provisions, the industry would be burdened by almost $95B in additional taxes.
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  • Warm House

    API Key Tax Issues

    There are many tax issues that API is currently engaging with lawmakers on. Here you will find data and talking points on key tax items the industry is focused on.
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  • Energy and Taxes thumbnail

    Energy and Taxes: Economic Growth and Tax Fairness

    America’s oil and natural gas industry supplies $85 million a day to the U.S. Treasury in the form of income taxes, rents, royalties and other fees. That adds up to more than $30 billion a year. With pro-energy development policies it could produce $800 billion in additional cumulative revenue to the government by 2030.
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  • What's Driving Our Economy?  Energy

    What's Driving Our Economy? Energy

    American energy is creating millions of jobs and fueling economic growth.  It's working. So as Washington considers reforms to our tax code, on thing is clear:  Don't raise taxes on American energy.  It's driving our comeback.

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  • The Truth About "Subsidies"

    The U.S. oil and natural gas industry does not receive “subsidized” payments from the government to produce oil and gas. However, there are many provisions in the tax code that allow companies to recover their costs. The oil and gas industry are eligible for these deductions, which are similar to, if not the same as, deductions available to many other industries.
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  • Paying our fair share - t

    Paying Our Fair Share

    U.S. oil and natural gas companies pay considerably more of its profits in taxes than the average manufacturing company. In fact, the average effective tax rate for this industry is well over the statutory rate and in 2010, the oil and natural gas industry paid more in total taxes than any other sector. Read more to find out more about how this industry continues to pay our fair share.
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    Energy Answers: A Q&A Style Booklet

    This booklet responds to common questions about taxes, earnings, and the inquiry.  Click "Read More" to download the booklet.

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  • Recent Studies and Research

    API partners with leading scholars, researchers, world-class qualitative and quantitative analysis firms and data analysts to produce unparalleled studies and research. See below for examples of various studies about the effect of tax policy on the oil and natural gas industry in the United States.
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  • How American Voters Feel About Oil & Gas Taxes

    As Congress considers ways to pay for new spending projects and offset pieces of legislation, it is important to remember the public’s concerns about increased taxes on the oil and natural gas industry in America. API has conducted polls to determine this issue’s level of importance for voters.
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  • Gasoline state taxes map - thumbnail

    State and Federal Motor Fuel Excise Taxes

    API also focuses on a limited number of state tax issues involving the industry. For example, we review various state and federal motor fuel excise taxes to update consumers on how much tax is charged when they purchase motor fuel in their state.
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